Weapons & Armors*

*The game is currently in development. This page’s content is still subject to change.


The pistol is the most basic weapon of the game, it fires a simple and slow projectile.

Various types of ammunitions exist:
  • “Laser” ammo: precise, they do thermal damage at the impact point. Rebel soldiers use them against single opponents.
  • “Explosive plasma” ammo: less precise than the “laser” ammo, they deal plasma damage in an area directly surrounding the impact point. They are quite useful against multiple regrouped enemies.
  • Additional ammo types will be unlocked throughout the development of the game.

There is only one level of pistol, but the level of ammo used to fire it, defines the amount of damage it deals.
It’s a range weapon with a high fire rate.

The rifle fires the same ammo as the pistol, but faster.
There is only one level of rifle, but the level of ammo used to fire it, defines the amount of damage it deals.
It is Stellar Overload’s emblematic weapon, a mix of human and Cognitron technology.
It enables you to throw any block of the game.
Using the secondary fire mode, you can also “stick” blocks on the surroundings. It is especially useful in caves in order to light them up from a distance, using Glowblocks as ammunition, or to set up traps using Explosive material.

Damages, and later effects applied on enemies, depend directly on the type of blocks used as ammo.
But beware, if you throw rare resources, a block thrown at an enemy is a block lost!
A short range weapon (6m), projecting a sound wave in front of the player. Really handy to get rid of regrouped enemies. Ammo: gas canisters.

The first melee weapon of the game is the HookBlade. It allows player to figth but also to move more freely.

Destructive throwing weapons, grenades aren’t that useful if you wish to preserve the environment!

The explosion area and damages dealt depend on the level of the grenade thrown.
Other weapons will embellish the current weapons list in the upcoming releases.


Like for weapons there will be different kinds and different levels of armors. The way you fight, will also depend on the armor you chose to wear. Some will be lighter, some will have more features and will enable various interactions with the environment.

More information on this subject very soon!

Futuristic armor
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