Technical details*

*The game is currently in development. This page’s content is still subject to change.

Here’s a few little details to keep in mind about Stellar Overload:

The game is still in development; the trailer contains some footages from this early access and does not completely reflect the final product.

An average planet is 8km along each edge, which represents 3.2e+13 blocks. Yes, that’s right: thirty thousand billion blocks: 32 000 000 000 000! The building potential from just one planet is nearly infinite.

Current Game Footage

While on a planet’s surface, the view out into the rest of the universe is nearly endless! This means even from the surface of your own planet, you’ll be able to see moons and other planets in the distance.
To ensure the game runs with a variety of graphics cards, we have implemented an algorithm of sub-resolution to be able to display a quantity of blocks an individual graphics card can manage.

This is how the gravity works: imagine a cube and divide it into 6 pyramids with the top of each pyramid joining at the center of the cube. The gravity will be uniform in each of these pyramids and in a direction perpendicular to the base of the pyramid.

Small Gravity

The research is one of the important points of Stellar Overload development because it is by making this effort that we will be able to improve the visual aspect of the game as well as the player's game experience.

In Game Screen

Although Stellar Overload is a very ambitious project, some ideas seem impossible to achieve. An in-game event like the collision of two planets would engage the calculation of several billion of blocks at the same time. But computer performances increase, and it’s only a matter of time for what is impossible today will be possible tomorrow.

Planets Collision
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