Release Notes:

Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 3 fix 1)

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  • Story saves from the EA2 are not compatible anymore. Only saves in creative or custom mode are working.
  • You can find your old EA2 original saves in the folder:
    You can either convert them to EA3 Saves by copying them to: "%APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA3\Saved\Saves\Universes"
    or keep them as EA2 by copying them to: "%APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA2\Saved\Saves\Universes"
    and then launch the EA2 build (by using the beta branch) in order to export the content through blueprints.


  • Update of the Custom Mode tutorial as well as orthographic fixes on other texts.
  • Revamp of the cables colors to differentiate them better.
  • Search filter is now emptied when opening a crafting station.
  • Activation of the secret dev shortcuts: CTRL+0, CTRL+1,... CTRL+9 to teleport on different planets in creative mode.

Bug fixs:

  • Fixed a bug where the cacti were doing damage after the player died.
  • Fixed a bug where when launching a save the map appeared as unexplored until you move.
  • Fixed a bug where the “take all” button didn’t appear on the client.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when validating a quest objective.
  • Fixed a bug where the big flowers, skeletons, skulls, etc… were black for a few seconds when appearing for the first time.
  • In Creative Mode, the atmosphere is now correctly updated when moving to a nightly face.
  • Fixed a missing sound -or wrong- when breaking cables, when the hook unhooked, when using the alternative mode of the gauntlet or the swapper, and when picking up items.
  • Fixed a bug in Creative Mode where grass was placed instead of yellow sandstone.
  • Removal of obsolete arkuloid block where they remained as well as clouds in villages.
  • Pressing Tab will now bring you to the main codex page.
  • Fixed a bug where the notification when changing the digging method didn’t appear on the client.
  • Fixed a bug where the orange coordinate of the minimap wasn’t on the correct coordinate on the client.
  • Fixed a crash when using the connex metablock’s removal with the gauntlet on a chest.
  • Fixed a blocker when pressing Alt+Tab during the loading screen in single player.
  • Fixed a bug where the connex metablock’s removal mode of the gauntlet allowed the destruction of doors and Tesla Pylons.
  • Fixed a bug where the lasers weren’t doing any damage after a reload.
  • Fixed a bug where the converted universes are displayed as corrupted.
  • Fixed crashes or malfunctions when building electrical circuits.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t update blueprints in the workshop.
  • Fixed an issue with the moving speed of falling blocks, and their ability to launch the player into orbit when stepping onto them.
  • Fixed invisible blocks blocking the player when near the starting position of a motorail.
  • Fixed a bug where the girograv block was going CRAZY when placing a cable on top of it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lose the list of discovered planets when reloading a save.
  • Addition of the tooltip when targeting aeroblock and gyrograv block.
  • The armor doesn’t need cloth anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the backpack was displayed on planets where you didn’t die.
  • Fixed a bug where you discover maps where you aren’t.
  • Dahlias are now flowers and not medicinal herb.
  • Fixed bugged movements of vehicles when we added a creature in it ( for most of them, some of them still don’t work yet)
  • Fixed a bug where digged metablocks with the “connex metablock” mode of the gauntlet re-appeared when we moved away and came back closer.
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