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In Stellar Overload everything is made of blocks!
Each block has an associated material which defines its hardness and the level of the tool required to pick it up.
When you craft a tool using a certain material, it also defines the hardness of that tool. To be able to break a block you will be required to use a tool with a hardness greater or equal to the hardness of the block you are willing to harvest.


When you break a block, you will get pieces of the material the block was made of in your inventory. Depending on the shape of the block you will get a different amount of pieces. For example a cubic block is composed of 6 pieces, so if you break a cubic block you will get 6 pieces. But if you break a sloping block, you will only get 3 pieces since it is the half of a cubic block. These pieces will be the unit in which the amount of material you possess is displayed. For example in the craft UI, the amount of material needed for a craft will be indicated in pieces.

The hardness of the material in which a block is made represents its level. Higher level blocks will be found in higher level zones on the planet.

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