*The game is currently in development. This page’s content is still subject to change.

The Imperium Machina is an independent robot faction. For these entities everything should be cubical, it is one of the reasons why they exterminate every non-cubical living beings and everyone who is not useful to their Machiavellian design.

There are various aggressive entities in the Imperium Machina
We don’t really know much on these floating bubbles made of blue energy yet. Rumors have it that it is their fault if mankind is in such a situation nowadays.

Cognitrons are really smart but also really fragile, that’s why they often protect themselves with a solid shell which they use as both armor and weapon. Indeed, depending on the armor’s shape, their energy can be canalized in various ways. They can for example throw lightning or fire laser beams.

Until now, players have discovered 3 different types of Cognitrons:
Nobody knows where they are coming from, but the threat is real! They spread like a virus, syntonise blocks close by, creating new Arkuloids…

There are various types of Arkuloids, each with a different level. In the current version (alpha 2), only the more basic Arkuloid has been introduced. It is a syntonised block which activates as soon as movement is detected. With a relatively basic AI, it only jumps at its target in order to try to syntonise it, or if it can’t, to destroy it.

Other Imperium entities will be developed throughout the development of the game.

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