*The game is currently in development. This page’s content is still subject to change.

Dungeons will play an important role in the game. They will give us the opportunity to vanquish numerous monsters and thereby obtain rewards and quest items enabling us to progress in the story.

A large part of the dungeons will be procedurally generated. And as they are made of blocks, they will be destructible like any other element of the scenery (provided the player owns the appropriate tools).
In each dungeon, there will be at least a boss protecting its treasure.

In this Early Access version, players can overcome the challenges of the observatories, small dungeons, very useful for exploration. There is one observatory per face of the planet.


And the Syntonized Stellarium Lab, an ancient human lab that the Imperium Machina took over.


There are also plenty of interesting places on Merx, the first planet of the game:


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