*The game is currently in development. This page’s content is still subject to change.

In Stellar Overload, players will have the possibility to craft a large number of items: weapons, armors, tools, food, decorative objects, and so on.

The job masters

Each job master is an expert in his field. There will be, for example, a weapon expert, a cooking expert and so on. Players will have to find these job masters to unlock access to all the items of the game.

In the current version (Alpha 2), players can use the “Tech factory” to create weapons, ammo and tools, the “Processing unit” for materials and alloys and the “Cooking machine” for healing items.


Other job masters will be introduced throughout the development of the game.


Items are created using recipes. To craft an item, the player will have to gather all the necessary ingredients.

In the following picture, you can see that in order to craft the “Block thrower Mk.I” two ingredients are required: a gemstone and a polymer. There are 4 different polymers in the game (different rarities and tiers) and over 20 gemstones which can be used as ingredients in this recipe.


Some items require a specific component. The plasma gun Mk.II, for example, requires tier 1 nanites, which can be dropped by tier 1 Arkuloids.


There are currently 76 recipes in the game (this list will grow throughout the development of the game).

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