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Blocks List

The blocks come in a large variety of shapes. Players will be able to harvest all these blocks (using appropriate tools). Then, they will be able to place them wherever they want in the universe, to use as materials to create objects, or to donate them as research material. There’s more than 100 different materials available including wood, rocks, metals, dirt, sand, gravel, construction items, and of course…alien technology and materials!

More than being just an adventure game, Stellar Overload is also a construction game.  Some quests in the game will ask the player to build houses or vehicles.

This aspect of the game will allow the players to express their imagination and to build all they have ever wished for all with the flexible Stellar Overload blocks.  Some NPC can even be recruited to assist in the construction and can accelerate building times.


The Digging Gauntlet is the basic tool to pick up blocks.

It draws an orange zone, generally a cube, which represents all the blocks which will be gathered.
Press X to change the picking up mode.
Here are the three different modes:
The Recorder is the tool making possible the recording of blueprints in the game. Those blueprints can be used to put in game the recorded item as many times as you want.

Tip: do not hesitate to use the search tool in the inventory to find a blueprint.
The Swapper is an item which makes it possible to quickly swap a material for another. It functions like ammunition weapons: chose the material to swap by placing it in the munition insert (on the right of the toolbar when the inventory is opened).

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