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Version (Fix EA4), corrective update : crashs & other bugs

2017-07-05 General
We fixed a few bugs found those last few days since the Early Access Update 4 is out!

We fixed a bug which bothered a few of you. This bug made the word all in black while playing in low or medium quality and targeting an NPC or when a ghost was displayed.

We also fixed the Linux problem where the mouse was stuck in the middle of the screen and/or was invisible.

We also fixed most of the crashes.

Story saves from the EA3 are not compatible anymore. Only saves in creative or custom mode are working.

Find all the detail in the release note here.

Favorite of the week #14!

2017-07-04 General
When we implemented the basics of the logical system in Stellar Overload, we decided to limit cables so they only contain 256 different values.

When we chose to impose those kinds of restrictions, apart from performances questions, we actually hid evil intentions! Indeed, it is a way for us to make players imagine and build ingenious processes in order to bypass those devious restrictions.

Regarding this limitation of 256 values in a logical cable, I have to admit that Jah's 16 multiplexer-demultiplexer was so well thought! It allows to put not only 256 values on a cable but 16*256, that is to say 4096 values!


And the construction is simple, elegant and modest. So a big bravo to Jah who figured out really quickly how to use the new possibilities of the EA4!


Favorite of the week #13!

2017-06-27 General
There we are, it's finally my turn! It's been so hard for me to choose, and I think new favorites are coming with the EA4 release! But, well, I loed the medieval map!

You can find it here on the workshop!

Congratulations to Haldor, Cionzion, Aleya, TBX3, PoulpinoT, Georgia, Drululu, Roderon and Kioujay!

EA4 Release - electricity patch

2017-06-22 General
A brand new update is now available on Steam: the Early Access Update 4 (version

In this update:

  • You'll find Lots of new electrical boxes! Which brings a billion possibilities! We can't wait to see your creations!
    On our side, we will use these mechanisms to animate our donjon and create enigma.

  • Welcome the "mini planets"

    A few modifications in our engine were necessary, but it's finally done! Now, we handmake those little planets and use them in the story mode. Those planets will soon be used for some key points in the adventure!

  • Welcome the Avis planet, directly linked to the "Stellar Overload". All the revelations on this planet will only be revealed in the story mode, (as and when release come out) don't try to make us talk!


    A new wallpaper on Aevis is available here.

All the details of this update here

The following of the story plot is asking us a little bit more effort than planned. We actually wanted to improve some gameplay elements (your feedbacks were very useful!).

The dedicated server is not totally stable yet, but we solved the main problems. It should be out for the next update.

Favorite of the week #12!

2017-06-20 General
Congratulations to Mysterion for creating this evil sword!

I loved cutting our constructions with the Ship Slicer. However, Crounchann didn't especially appreciate seeing his Eiffel Tower sliced, I don't know why.


You can download the Ship Slicer here.

PS: Crounchann's Eiffel Towel is right here. Feel free to do some screenshots!

New wallpapers available !

2017-06-16 General
Do you want to change your wallpaper into a window to other worlds?

Come and download our new wallpapers*, and enjoy the view of a green planet, of a wonderful wild forest, or of a desertic planet.


* guaranteed without imperium machina

Favorite of the week #11!

2017-06-13 General
Congratulation to Nico for the creation of this awesome 16 bits calculator with a digital display! We were all amazed when we discovered it on the Workshop. We can’t wait to see what you will come up with using the new features of the upcoming version….


Seeing players having fun pushing the limits of what is possible in the game, finding ingenious and creative ways to build the most beautiful and impressive constructions, is really a pleasure for us!
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