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There is now a marketing expert in the team

2016-02-12 General
I am proud to introduce Matthias Boudier, alias Boo. He joined us as the marketing expert of the team. I was holding this position until now, although it's not among my skills.

Reymantha, Altalus, Boo, BlockBuster and Mick

You can find more information about "Boo" here:

We met 2 months ago by mere coincidence at a networking event planned by PRIMI (a local company cluster) at Cannes. We share a passion: video games!

Looking at his resume, I think we are lucky to work with him. And I trust this will be a good omen for the future of Stellar Overload!

Steam will be our distribution plateform

2016-02-09 General
Today, I am pleased to announce that the game will be distributed on Steam (using the early access program to begin with).


What does this actually mean?
We will migrate all of our services on Steam. There will no longer be a shop on our website for early access. Every player who pre-ordered the game (on Kickstarter or on our website) will get a free Steam key (or several, if they ordered multiple copies of the game).

Why did we make this choice?
For several reasons:
- The large number of players on Steam
- Their confidence in this platform
- Offload onto Steam tedious tasks like user management and billing
- Boost the download speed
- Achieve better security
So that our team can focus on the game development, which is what matters, isn'it?

Why won't we also keep the shop on the Stellar Overload website?
As mentioned above, one of the main reasons to use Steam is to migrate some services to get a better quality. Keeping the store would'nt be compatible with that.

What about the forum?
For now, our forum remains active until the early acces release. But eventually, we'll also migrate it, in order to collect all the content in a single point: Steam. This will be easier for us to handle.
About the gallery : We didn't make any decision yet.

So what about the schedule?
This Steam release has obviously changed our schedule. Some other reasons also made us fall behind the planning.
What this means concretely:
- We hope we'll deliver the early access on Steam before this summer
- The final version will be released on Steam when the quality of the game will meet our ambitions and your expectations according to your feedbacks during Early Access

We are now thinking about releasing an "alpha 3" (not yet on Steam) in 2 or 3 months. But we're not sure about it, we'd rather not delaying the Steam version again. We'll keep you informed about this eventual release in March.

The Cube (Watts' logbook - Entry 273)

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Skahar (Watts' logbook - Entry 241)

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Aetherion (Watts' logbook - Entry 192)

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Nepton (Watts' logbook - Entry 165)

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