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For the brave builders...

2015-12-29 General
For some weeks, night shadows have been crowling over Tellus, bringing danger and mysteries with them.
Well... mostly mysteries.

Nevertheless, a time will come, during your advantures, where you might want to build a shelter. Of course, 4 classical cobble walls and a roof would just do the job (well... No cobble. There is no cobble in this game!). However, you could also add a touch of creativity and use some of the folowing tools to build yourself a palace:


- A world made of blocks is not necessairely made of cubes. You can choose the shape of the block you're about to use by using "alt + wheel".


6 different shapes are available. Will you be able to use them all?!

- Choose the alternative: there are some metablocks (flowers, doors, ...) and some prefab elements (bushes, ...) with multiple versions. You can choose which version you want to use by using "alt + wheel". Create a world full of colored flowers, poneys and rainbows! *_*


Erf... I just wanted to show that you can create different kind of flowers.


- Rotate the blocks: Use 'R', 'T' and 'Y' to rotate a block in every directions. Obviously, it won't affect a cube. But in all other cases, you will see the rotation applied to the blue ghost of the block you're using.


This also works on metablocks, prefab elements like bushes and blueprints created by players.

- Keep trying...'Shift + R', 'Shift + T' and 'Shift + Y' allow you to rotate blocks in the other ways than 'R', 'T' and 'Y'. Because rotations are not that simple and because we always get them wrong, it's good to be able to go back to the previous state.

- Level up! For those of you who already mastered rotations, 'Alt + R', 'Alt + T' and 'Alt + Y' let you get the symetrical version of the selected block. More freedom, yay!

The picker:

- The mouse wheel button allows you to pick the shape and the material of a block in the world to use it in your shortcut bar.

- "Shift + mouse wheel button" this one is tricky. it replaces the shape of the selected material by the shape of the pointed block in the world. Yeah... Just try it to understand.^^

The secret weapon:

This is the ultimate tool for the builders. The one that will impress your friends and get you the girl you want (true story !)... The 'N' button ! The use of the 'N' button is quite mysterious and only a few grand masters know about its existance.

It allows you to get different results when you drag the mouse to build multiple blocks. Here is an exemple:


Obviously, I make fun of those tips because we want to work on this gameplay in the future, so that it will become more accessible and fun. But for now, I hope you found some useful tips!

Discovering the Sol System

2015-12-21 General
While the holiday season is approaching, we decided to celebrate this end of year in our own way. As you may already know from the mass media, our playground will expand considerably.

Tellus, our blue planet, will no longer be alone in space. A whole planetary system with 7 planets and 2 satellites will be the new foundation of the Sol System.

And that is why, beginning January the 4th, we will introduce every week two new planets in a brand new section of our website. A great journey awaits you indeed, as you will follow the adventures of Watts, genius and descendant of Faradays, through the Sol System.


And as a bonus, we are starting today with the first entry of his logbook:

“My name is Watts. Yeah, no first name. It sucks, I know. Great way to start a logbook also... Whatever, I am currently conducting interesting research on Tellus, our good old blue planet. And I have discovered some fascinating facts.” Click for more...

On a given morning...

2015-12-03 General

“It was not so much a modification of the darkness, as a sigh of relief, a slight relaxing of tension, so that one felt, rather than saw, that the night had suddenly lost a shade of its density... ah! yes; there! between these two shoulders of the hills she is bleeding to death.”

Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist

All stations red alert! This is not a drill

2015-11-18 General
Your mission Number 6, should you decide to accept it, is to decrypt the information hidden in the remaining data fragments from the viral attack that corrupted our crafting recipes. As always, should you or any of your force be caught or killed, the HQ will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Number 6.


Alpha 2 - multiplayer patch

2015-11-09 General
This new Alpha 2 version (, will enable you to explore the game content with your friend again!


These past 4 weeks, we have mostly been stabilizing the multiplayer aspect of the game, but we also took the opportunity to improve some features. Here is a list of the main changes we made:
  • New icons for materials
  • Cognitrons around unknown structures are a bit more aggressive and now exist in different tiers (with a variation in color)
  • The plasma gun has been enhanced (area damage, charged fire which can destroy the ground, secondary fire which throws a sticky bomb)
  • You can now swim in water (an oxygen supply icon has been added)
  • The “final quest” object is now deactivated once the stolen plans retrieved
  • The ingredient slots of the crafting window are now filled automatically even if multiple choices are possible

We also improved our engine performances:
  • Divided by 2 the initial universe loading time (the progress bar during the loading when you create/load an universe)
  • Improved by 30% the world generation time, the "popping" time. This is noticeable in game when you pick up blocks or when you travel.

A detailed list of all the improvements can be found in the release note which you can find on the download page.

As a reminder, all the features of the Alpha 2 version can still be found here:

I’d like to remind you that the view distance has a drastic impact on the network performance: it’s probably better for now to keep the default view distance of 24m when playing in multiplayer, you will have a better playing experience. Of course will keep working on this issue during the whole development cycle of the game.

Enjoy! And feel free to give us any feedback, good or bad!

Important notice

2015-11-08 General
To the explorers:

Lots of mysterious disappearing have been reported at the bottom of the darkest caves, as well as some case of unexpected synthonisation processes. In order to avoid such bad experiences, please take into account the following pieces of advice before planning further exploration:

- In the caves, light up: your suit is equipped with the last torchlight upgrade that you can toggle using the 'L' key of your keyboard. It's always good to see the ground you're about to crash onto.

- Stop destroying the environment while gathering resources: You can select the action area of your gauntlet when it's equipped by using the combination 'alt' + mouse wheel. Different sizes can be 1x1x1 blocks, 2x2x2 blocks, 4x4x4 blocks (Mk2 and Mk3 only) or 6x6x6 blocks (Mk3 only). Save the nature and the nature will save you. Or whatever.

- Make sure you have enough ammunition: When you use a weapon, the amount of ammunition you have is specified on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. If this amount seems too small, we strongly advise you to run. Do not try to hide behind an arkuloid block. This is not a smart idea.

- Choose which blocks your block-thrower will throw. Yes, you can do that! In the inventory window, drag the material you wish to use and drop it over the block-thrower shortcut, in the action bar. An empty block-thrower is a useless block-thrower.

- In case of a massive arkuloids attack, scream. Loudly. It won't change anything, but it will be funny to watch.

Despite those security advices, if any dramatic event should happen, the developers shall not be held responsible for the awful suffering and the terrible death of your character.


Jetpack available now!

2015-10-19 General
As a would-be spelunker, I always like to go into the underworld to explore the caves. I search for a hole in the ground and I follow the tunnels toward the core of the planet. Of course, I hope to find a precious gem or a rare mineral lode. A real pleasure, almost, unless you are a masochist.

Every time, I die like an idiot because of a risky jump, because I slip on a stone or because I fall into a hidden hole. And then, it's a real pain to go back all the way from the respawn point to your last location.

Fortunately, it won't happen again if you own the brand new jetpack device. Yes, you read well, a jetpack, folks! You will no longer fall in caves and crash your skull head first on a sharp rock. The use is child's play: once you are in the air (jumping or falling), simply hit and held the jump button to trigger the jetpack til you want to land.

Beware though of your fuel gauge! Even if the gauge fills itself when the jetpack is not used, the fuel tank has a short capacity. And you will have to manage it well if you don't want to run out of gas at 50 feets high. Now, time to go back in the sky. Woosh!
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