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Would you like even more logic?

2017-04-27 Development

This message has nothing to do with differential equations. However, I offer a glimpse of the latest developments in the logic systems of your favorite game:


Version (Fix EA3), first corrective update : crashs & other bugs

2017-04-05 Development
We fixed a lot of bugs found those last few days since the Early Access Update 3 is out!

We also fixed most of the crashes on the electricity matter. However, in existing universes or in case you have any problem, use the /sanitize command.

We also understood you: here are the new cables colors!


Story saves from the EA2 are not compatible anymore. Only saves in creative or custom mode are working.

We created a saves file called "StellarOverloadEA3".
You will need to manually move your EA2 saves in this new file.
Old EA2 file: %APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA2\Saved\Saves\Universes
New EA3 file: %APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA3\Saved\Saves\Universes

In creative mode, you can teleport yourself with those shortcuts: CTRL+0, CTRL+1,... CTRL+9 to go on different planets.

Find all the detail in the release note here.

Help! I need somebody, Help!

2017-03-23 Development
As the famous band from Tellus said ( what was their name again? Oh yes, The Cubeatles!), everybody might need some help. Especially while discovering all the construction features in Stellar Overload!

Don't worry, "today all your troubles seem so far away"*.
For aspiring builders, "here comes the sun"*! A contextual help is coming so you'll soon get to know how to use the construction tools whenever you need to.

What a "Revolution"*!!!
Now you shall have no excuses not to build your beautiful "Yellow Submarine"*!

PS: for seasoned builders, "we won't let you down"* you will be able to turn off the contextual help through the options window.

*Any resemblance to real and actual songs is purely coincidental.

A happy event!

2017-02-09 Development
Clones and Citizens,

We know how much you love these brave creatures which pay their devotion for your safety with their lives: The Arkuloids.

No, don't let sorrow overwhelm your mind, it is not the time to mourn, it is the time to be delighted!

Yes be delighted with us! And witness the birth of new Arkuloids*!
Stronger, smarter, faster, and most of all, even more devoted to your cause!

We have the honor to introduce:

The Explosive Arkuloids

These noble servants are ready to sacrifice their lives for you at any moment, literally at any moment!

The Rocket Arkuloids

Real trailblazers, these ones won't let you down!

The Glitched Arkuloids

Even if they can look unstable, be sure that you can count on this explosive's variant to restore balance!

We're not only celebrating the birth of new Arkuloids today, but a new victory in the fight against the constant terror which these so-called "Rebels" seek to propagate!

But let's not let these dark thoughts ruin our day, please be glad, citizens! Be delighted!

This was a message from the minister of Order and Peace.

*The visuals and names you can see on the videos are placeholders, and will change upon release.

It's all about logic!

2017-02-07 Development
French philosopher Descartes said "I think therefore I am". What is important in this sentence is the word "therefore". The assertion, the logical "therefore": one thing implies another.

"I activate a lever therefore...". It's now up to you to finish this sentence and create your own logic.

A brand new menu!

2017-02-03 Development
To make navigation easier between all the UI windows, a new menu will be featured in the next version of the game.

Isn't it wonderful?

A minor change in the game

2017-01-30 Development
Sorry, news about the game have been rare in the last few weeks...

Worth waiting...? :)

Starting in the next version, when you'll detach a small group of blocks from a planet or a vehicle, it will be subject to physical forces, and will fall on the ground.

If one of those groups of blocks is not modified for a while, and if it is not made into a vehicle by attaching a gyrograv block or an aeroblock to it, it will eventually be destroyed.
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