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A minor change in the game

2017-01-30 Development
Sorry, news about the game have been rare in the last few weeks...

Worth waiting...? :)

Starting in the next version, when you'll detach a small group of blocks from a planet or a vehicle, it will be subject to physical forces, and will fall on the ground.

If one of those groups of blocks is not modified for a while, and if it is not made into a vehicle by attaching a gyrograv block or an aeroblock to it, it will eventually be destroyed.

Early Access Update 2 Fix -

2017-01-19 General, Development
Today we deliver an update ( with some minor improvements on the Steam Early access.

This version is mostly a fix version. Find the full release note here.

Notable changes:

- All the recipes are now known in custom mode.
- Switches and notes are now indestructible to prevent being stuck in the quest line.
- Fixed a synchronization issue between the quest tracking widget and the quest log.
- Items dragged and dropped from a container to the player’s inventory are now correctly counted by quests requiring those items.

Your mission if you accept it…

2016-12-07 Development
For all the white knights out there lacking a princess to save, here is a simple way (and which won’t self-destruct after 5 seconds) to see all the quests that you have accepted:


Death is only the beginning

2016-11-30 Development
An eastern wisdom claims that when a man dies, he just starts a new life.
But what happens when a clone dies?

From now on, a bag containing your old stuff will appear at your position when you'll die. You will have to pick it up to get your stuff back. :)

But where is the stellargate?

2016-09-17 Development
In the upcoming version, it will be easier to explore, thanks to the planet's map! It will display the points of interest that you discovered with a little icon (eg: stellar gates, villages, etc.).
The map is also shared with other players of the game session and is unveiled as you discover the planets!

The new minimap (top right corner) and the new planet's map

Have fun!


Note: lots of map's visuals are of course placeholders!

UI revamping

2016-09-01 Artistic, Development
Since the first pre-alpha version we accumulated lots of feedbacks about the UI.
We already had some improvements in mind but your feedbacks were really useful.

Our objective was to present the new UI on the first Steam early access version: that will be the case.

Today, after hundreds of hours of work for Reymantha (concept art) and Altalus (dev), I want to present you a preview of this new interface, without going into details (it's a work in progress, some texts are not good):


My Window, I want it exactly here, and nowhere else!

2016-08-24 Development
Soon, you’ll be able to remove walls in the same way you can place them, by holding the right mouse button down, while having a block or a gauntlet equipped.
It is really helpful to remove a wall that you didn’t want, or to dig a window or a door inside an already existing wall.

This feature will also be available in story mode!

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