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Yet another friendly face!

2017-03-13 Artistic
Watch out for the Agavosaur when you take a walk in the desert! The local cacti are not always what they seem...!


It will be thorny very soon...

It's in the tree

2017-03-10 Artistic

The rebels on Istara... What are they building there?

Note that this is a concept art of a rebel base :)

The Last Stand

2017-03-06 Artistic
Our weapons engineer, who is the last stand against the rebellion, is currenlty working on several ideas of colossal robotic entities.


See the world in a better way

2017-03-03 Artistic
Hi friends,

The detail textures of the block families are going to be updated.

Down you can find the old ones, up you can find the new ones.
From left to right: "dirt", "wood", "grass", "vegetals", "ore" and "rock".

Coming soon, new blocks with new textures...

I/0 npc concept

2017-02-16 Artistic

Half robot and half human, who is this mysterious "Girlbot"? Stay tunned!...

Looks like big bones are back in style...!

2017-02-14 Artistic
So! As you probably noticed, my last two Cubical Challenge entries featured bones, and it looks like it inspired the team somehow!

I was thus asked to make even more of these giant carcasses. You should probably find them all in the next update...!


Also, how about a little biology class? It's nice to see that we're all the same on the inside...!

Wonder B

Musical trip through the swamps

2017-01-11 Artistic
It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about music on the website!
Today, I’d like to let you hear the new music I’ve composed to illustrate the swamps of Istara.

Istara is very different from Merx, mostly because it is a multi-biome planet. The white forest is at the highest point, the sequoia forest is in the middle, and the swamps are located at the lowest point. For a bit more variety, I decided to give more rhythm to the sequoia forest, and to give calm to the other two.

That's why I created this very contemplative music for the swamps, with, as always, instrumental and melodic variations throughout the day. About that, I'll let you discover it in the next patch...
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