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Wonder B

Introducing Orco

2016-10-05 Artistic

Orco is the rebel leader on Merx. His troopers see him as a tough but fair leader, demanding but really kind. Former inhabitant of the Verdant Garden, he joined the Rebellion when his mother was captured by robots of the Imperium Machina. Since then he chases them tirelessly, hoping to find her alive one day.
Wonder B

Introducing Arthus

2016-09-29 Artistic

Arthus is the Master Builder of the village. He is the one who built all the houses, and he’s particularly proud of Master Li King Pei’s "Turtle House". He’s a passionate worker who’s having a bad time with aging. Indeed, his memory losses regularly make him forget objects, knowledge, or even the names of his friends. His days are increasingly devoted to looking for the best spot for a nap.

Introducing Selia

2016-09-21 Artistic
Selia is the Craft Master of the village. She designs all the objects that can serve the community: jars, cloning tanks, supplies, but also delicious fruit juices she drinks without any moderation. The vitamins overload contained in these juices seems to make her extremely nervous. Since Orco left, she has trouble accepting the constant tranquility of the village, and secretly thinks about joining the rebels on Merx.

Introducing JOE

2016-09-14 Artistic

Joe is the sports coach of your village and is one of the first characters you'll meet in Stellar Overload. Every morning, he goes to meet the villagers to offer them a zen training...

But his vision of zen is quite special and can be globally summed up to whistling as hard as possible during the entire duration of the exercises… He says he created a new technique called "Yin Yang push-ups", combining muscle rigor to spiritual escape...even if no one seems to understand what it is.

UI revamping

2016-09-01 Artistic, Development
Since the first pre-alpha version we accumulated lots of feedbacks about the UI.
We already had some improvements in mind but your feedbacks were really useful.

Our objective was to present the new UI on the first Steam early access version: that will be the case.

Today, after hundreds of hours of work for Reymantha (concept art) and Altalus (dev), I want to present you a preview of this new interface, without going into details (it's a work in progress, some texts are not good):


Upgraded Blocks-Thrower

2016-07-27 Artistic
One of the most unique things in our game is the Blocks-Thrower! With it, you can fight directly using the environment's elements.
We upgraded it to give it more impact inside the game. It's now a weapon that launches blocks (instead of tetras), slower than before, but inflicting more damage. It's also more impressive visually and soundwise.

Here is a video showing its primary shot.


A new start for the STEAM release!

2016-07-22 Artistic

Hello !

We are very active at designing the narrative part of the game at the moment . You can already note that you will start the game at the heart of King Li Pei's garden.
Byebye till next news !
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