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Wonder B

What is this place?

2017-03-24 Artistic
Here's a brand new music track from the game, but...For which place?


An alien jungle?

2017-03-21 Artistic
To make a kind of alien jungle in the desertic biome, it is necessary to create alien vegetals. Here are some ideas I put on paper. Well on screen actually. Well obviously not directly on the screen but ... well ... here is a concept.

Let me introduce, from top to bottom, the Agavea, the Globulea and the Pachycereus (which Crounchan calls tirelessly the pachydermus...Disbeliever.)

Wonder B

So cute!

2017-03-20 Artistic
Lumiblobs, made by Squick, are so lovely that I had to give them very cute sounds. Each sound effect for the Lumiblob, whether it is for its movements or small squeals, is therefore entirely made from mouth sounds. Kawaii!


Construction materials!

2017-03-17 Artistic
As promised in the previous news "See the world in a better way", I am pleased to show you...the construction materials!

They are at your disposal and only to build. Building materials cannot be used as ressources in craft recipes.


For the moment, colors are limited but it is planned to enlarge this choice soon.

Lumiblob, lumilove <3

2017-03-15 Artistic
We all need some friends that bring some light and colors into our lives... And guess what: the Lumiblob does just that! And they come in different flavors too!


This little critter is still in concept right now, but you should find them soon lurking around in caves.

What do you think of them?

Yet another friendly face!

2017-03-13 Artistic
Watch out for the Agavosaur when you take a walk in the desert! The local cacti are not always what they seem...!


It will be thorny very soon...

It's in the tree

2017-03-10 Artistic

The rebels on Istara... What are they building there?

Note that this is a concept art of a rebel base :)
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