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Crafting stations

2017-09-08 General, Artistic
A while ago, we showed you the art concepts of the new crafting stations.

Here they are in-game!


Favorite of the week #21!

2017-08-29 Artistic
Wow, so much details, so much realism! What a wonderful high-precision work!
We can't wait to see Notre Dame de Paris ;)


Congratulations to Haldor for this beautiful Renaissance castle!

You can find it here.

New crafting stations!

2017-08-23 Artistic
Here's a concept art of our new crafting stations! They were all redesigned to fit the new crafting system. The shapes were redefined for more diversity, and they will all be animated!

Coming soon: a crude workbench with a circular saw, a rotating-heat smelter, a mini-lab with centrifuge technology, a forge with hydraulic-powered presses, and a high-voltage electricity station.

You'll have everything you need to improve your secret bases and serial factories...!

Wonder B

A night in the desert

2017-08-18 Artistic
Today, I'd like to share with you a new music track that's a bit special. This piece is certainly the strangest one in Stellar Overload's soundtrack, and yet it's my favorite: the Skir desert in the middle of the night.

This piece is perhaps more difficult to listen to than others, it has few melodies and it's rather abstract. Nevertheless, it is the one I took the most pleasure to compose. We wanted Skir's nighttime atmosphere to be strange and somewhat oppressive, which is why I almost only used synthetic sounds, mostly played with this keyboard: a Moog Sub 37, then passed through various effects (Delays, reverbs, etc.) to create a sense of space.


I also like the idea that one never really knows what is going to happen in this music, it gives, even more, the feeling of being lost in the middle of the desert, as if time stretched and retracted. Although I agree that it is very special, I hope you enjoy this music.

Favorite of the week #16!

2017-07-28 Artistic, General

Where a developer of video games would have laid a mathematical function to generate a sphere automatically (CodingMarmot likes this), Onidosor has built one with his own hands (a quarter only!)

This small jewelry of construction of 126 blocks of diameter is nevertheless a very simple but also a very pure example of the poetry in Stellar.
In an aesthetic universe where master lines and right angles reign, to make a sphere is to attempt the impossible marriage between rectitude and suppleness, synthetic and organic, man and nature, the past and the future.

It is a very successful marriage, a very inspiring one.

Thanks to Onidosor.
Here is where you can get the artwork.

Favorite of the week #10

2017-06-06 Artistic

I was looking for my favorite of the week at lunch time so this one from Cyberjasse put me in appetite. It reminds me of "Les maisons bulles" owned by Pierre Cardin.


You can find this construction by Cyberjasse just here.

Favorite of the week #8!

2017-05-23 Artistic
Congratulations to zeknef for this beautiful steam train!


This is the best way to speed through Novo Ares' plains without risking a wildlife attack!

Immediat boarding here!
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