Tellus has been leveled!

2015-12-08 Development
A visionary once claimed that someday Tellus would really be cubic, and not the union of 6 topologically unrelated faces.
Scientists and explorers have been astounded to discover that this prediction has come true since! The planet is now continuous from one face to the other, as if the world had become extraordinarily uniform and coherent.

A probe has been sent to film the edges of the planet as a proof of this radical change:

NeoM Posts: 1148 Registration: 2014-04-04
Vehicles will be implemented. When? I do not know today.
The next release will not be about vehicles, it will be more about important RPG features.
Escaping starting planet will certainly be one of the next release' features. More information about that soon, next year.
About dungeon, hmmm ... you know, that's an important RPG feature ;)
#8 2015-12-15
DerMicha87 Posts: 3 Registration: 2015-09-26
Ay, that looks really nice! And compared to my laptop it runs so smooth :-)
I don't remember if you said it already, but when will you implement vehicles? I would love to scout the planets with a scooter, hover board or other cool ways to move around. And what about space, are there already any plans on when and how we will be able to escape our starting planet?

Also, I don't know if this fits into this game, but are there dungeons planned as in cube world? With a little boss at the end?

Love the game, continue with your good work ;-)
#7 2015-12-11
Talarean Posts: 67 Registration: 2014-06-04
Very good. Another feature that I've been looking forward to has been implemented. As mentioned below, the terrain does look kind of symmetrical, but it's a vast improvement over how it was before. (Although it was interesting to see a cross-section of the terrain generation.)

While watching the vid, I suddenly thought that it would be interesting if very rarely a 'hollow Earth' would be generated. I don't know it that would fit in with this games lore, though.

I'd also like to see unique plants that only grow on the edges of the planets, though I guess that that's not very crucial.
#6 2015-12-10
NeoM Posts: 1148 Registration: 2014-04-04
The symetry is a known issue, and we will fix it later.

The clouds will certainly change later also.
#5 2015-12-08
mani_e204 Posts: 7 Registration: 2015-09-21
Looking good :) This was one of very few things that bugged me in the alpha release.

But I'm wondering: The landscape terrain seems to be mirrored along the edges of the cube (e.g. the ocean looks very similar on each face). Is this intentional or a coincidence?
#4 2015-12-08
jolcool5 Posts: 15 Registration: 2015-05-31
Are the clouds going to stay like that? It looks a bit odd with them hanging over the edge.
#3 2015-12-08
NeoM Posts: 1148 Registration: 2014-04-04
Big ones are true planets !
The very small ones very far away are just part of the space background "picture".
#2 2015-12-08
madsmtm Posts: 20 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 17
Those planets in the background, are they actual planets, or just a background picture?
#1 2015-12-08
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