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2015-12-03 General

“It was not so much a modification of the darkness, as a sigh of relief, a slight relaxing of tension, so that one felt, rather than saw, that the night had suddenly lost a shade of its density... ah! yes; there! between these two shoulders of the hills she is bleeding to death.”

Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist
Talarean Posts: 67 Registration: 2014-06-04
I've been looking forward to seeing this feature implemented. I'd guess that different planets would have different spin speeds, with different day lengths.
#5 2015-12-05
BlockBuster Posts: 37 Registration: 2015-08-14
For the video capture, there was a new sunrise every 5 minutes. It was easier for me! ;)
We don't know yet how long a day will take in the game but it will most certainly be slower than that.
#4 2015-12-04
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Is the sun supposed to rise that fast?
#3 2015-12-03
Modified by salehACE on 2015-12-04.
Ancientgods Posts: 26 Registration: 2015-05-30 Popularity: 11
Well done, that looks incredible!
#2 2015-12-03
madsmtm Posts: 20 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 17
This game is so beautiful!!!
#1 2015-12-03
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