Important notice

2015-11-08 General
To the explorers:

Lots of mysterious disappearing have been reported at the bottom of the darkest caves, as well as some case of unexpected synthonisation processes. In order to avoid such bad experiences, please take into account the following pieces of advice before planning further exploration:

- In the caves, light up: your suit is equipped with the last torchlight upgrade that you can toggle using the 'L' key of your keyboard. It's always good to see the ground you're about to crash onto.

- Stop destroying the environment while gathering resources: You can select the action area of your gauntlet when it's equipped by using the combination 'alt' + mouse wheel. Different sizes can be 1x1x1 blocks, 2x2x2 blocks, 4x4x4 blocks (Mk2 and Mk3 only) or 6x6x6 blocks (Mk3 only). Save the nature and the nature will save you. Or whatever.

- Make sure you have enough ammunition: When you use a weapon, the amount of ammunition you have is specified on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. If this amount seems too small, we strongly advise you to run. Do not try to hide behind an arkuloid block. This is not a smart idea.

- Choose which blocks your block-thrower will throw. Yes, you can do that! In the inventory window, drag the material you wish to use and drop it over the block-thrower shortcut, in the action bar. An empty block-thrower is a useless block-thrower.

- In case of a massive arkuloids attack, scream. Loudly. It won't change anything, but it will be funny to watch.

Despite those security advices, if any dramatic event should happen, the developers shall not be held responsible for the awful suffering and the terrible death of your character.

salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Woah I didn't know about the light up and the block thrower tips.
#5 2015-11-11
Spolio Posts: 69 Registration: 2014-06-22 Popularity: 30
Le lance blocks, finit les 9999 blocks de cobblestone qui ne servent à rien :D
#4 2015-11-08
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Tiens les icônes des matériaux ont changés. Ce sera plus facile à s'y retrouver dans l'inventaire !
Et... une news un dimanche ? :-o Comme quoi ils pensent à nous même en dehors du studio.
#3 2015-11-08
Stucky Posts: 1221 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 401
Super explication, je jouais sans molette pour ma part, je viens d'avoir une nouvelle souris, ça me permettra enfin de pouvoir construire et récolter plus facilement

Je ne connaissais pas la méthode de sélection pour le gantelet, je trouvais justement ça un peu excessif de creuser en 6x6x6 avec le gantelet V3, ca fait direct des gros trous qu'on peut pas remonter sans sauter...

Une autre méthode pour le lance blocs, selon ce qu'on possède par rapport a l'environnement, il suffit de clic droit sur le sol pour être équipé de la matière (dans l'hypothèse ou on possède déjà cette ressource sur soi)
#2 2015-11-08
thesandgamer Posts: 222 Registration: 2014-05-02
C'est cool pour les mun des lances blocs,merci de l'avoir dit,=)
#1 2015-11-08
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