We require more minerals

2015-10-08 Development

In the previous version, there were gems in the Cognitron mineshaft, but none in natural caves, which made them really hard to explore.

We decided to add gems in the caves to give the player a hint of the cave’s volume. They will also be used as ingredients in several crafting recipes. Moreover you can collect gems to use them as light source. Coal and wood won’t help you with that, at least for now!

HULKReality Posts: 8 Registration: 2015-09-08 Popularity: 0
#3 2015-10-09
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
Im absolutely a Cave-man, so I appreciate pretty much the dev investment on underground :D. The first thing I will do when the sublevels come to the Beta will be dig till the planet's Core. BE SURE ABOUT THAT

Nice work btw :)
#2 2015-10-09
Modified by Darky on 2015-10-09.
mani_e204 Posts: 7 Registration: 2015-09-21
This is looking awesome!! I absolutely love the art style of the game so far. Exploring caverns is so important to me and adding those crystals/gems really seems to add a lot of atmosphere and depth to them. Keep up the good work =)
#1 2015-10-08
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