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2015-10-27 Development

We all agree that it has been really frustrating for builders not to be able to keep constructions from a previous version in the latest release.
That’s why I worked on a basic and temporary solution to enable you to export constructions from one version of the game to another.

It’s only a first iteration, and it’s not really user friendly yet, but it has the advantage of also enabling you to copy and paste constructions!
The basic idea is that in creative mode, you have “blueprints” which enable you to copy a volume of the world. This blueprint can then be used to paste the copied model wherever you want. You also have the possibility to make rotations and symmetries when placing the model in the world!
The copied model is instantly saved on disk. You just need to copy the created file(s) in the “Blueprints” subfolder (you need to create it if it doesn’t exist) of another universe’s save folder to export them. The target universe must have been created with the same or a higher version of the game.

Here is an example where I build a table, copy and paste really basic chairs, and finally make a symmetry of the table and chairs. You can activate subtitles to see comments.

Key bindings used in the video:
  • R, T or Y: rotates the blocks or models. For example, the R key rotates the block or model around the gravity axis.
  • ALT + R, T or Y: makes a symmetry using a plan which is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the R, T and Y keys. For example, ALT + R switches the top and bottom of your model.
  • ALT + mouse wheel: selects the shape of the block or, for an empty blueprint, defines the distance of the ghost block used to define the volume to copy.

More information on the following post: Details on copy-paste and export


Aldrich-Sky Posts: 15 Registration: 2014-06-02
This looks great :D
#2 2015-10-28
Dummhamer Posts: 21 Registration: 2014-04-24
it's needful opportunity. Thank's)
#1 2015-10-27
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