Something spicy!

2015-09-22 General, Artistic
Like you already know, I’m in charge of Planets³ website development... but not only!
What you don’t know is that sometimes I leave my web code to work a little bit on the game.
Yeah, since Reymantha has been syntonized, someone has to integrate the new 3D assets in the Unreal Engine!

So, because I’m soooo generous, I’ll disclose some of the new elements you’ll be able to find in game:

On the menu today, I suggest:
  • The 2 cactus soup (spicy at will)
  • Omelet with ceps (and peacock eggs)
  • Pine nuts for dessert (hmm, crunchy…)

And of course bon appetit!
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
We can eat cacti!
Watch out don't get syntonized.
#6 2015-09-23
ibon97 Posts: 9 Registration: 2015-09-17
thanks :) .
#5 2015-09-23
HULKReality Posts: 8 Registration: 2015-09-08 Popularity: 0
Nice Food! Seeds
#4 2015-09-22
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
The more variety of plants and trees the better. And even more if you can harvest different materials from them :D

They look dangerous unless you re too hungry :P
#3 2015-09-22
DaemonOverlord Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-07-20
Awesome!!! :D
#2 2015-09-22
axemall Posts: 15 Registration: 2015-01-29 Popularity: 1
nice to see
#1 2015-09-22
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