2015-09-16 Artistic
They are small, they are ugly, and grow like a virus!

Arkuloids Concept

In the alpha "The Cognitron Mineshaft" you met the Cognitrons;
Today let's talk about the Arkuloids.

Every little block of the world touching an Arkuloid will be "syntonized".
I mean it will be analyzed and transformed to become itself an Arkuloid and so on.
Once Arkuloid, this block will go on with its transformation step by step and will become a super-Arkuloid, a mega-Arkuloid, an ultra-Arkuloid, ... Ok you've got it.

More to come. Unless the Arkuloids "syntonize" me first.

Goodbye and see you so01ç##0101000#@@0111501464'é("é-010&('000101"'é&"11111'²&é"é"(('(é&!!!!!!!!!!!!
GunslingerX1983 Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-06-02
This is a brilliant update!

Guys the new content looks fantastic and cannot wait to try it out. That being said, take all the time you need.

Keep up the good work.
#17 2015-10-01
piepei Posts: 31 Registration: 2014-04-26 Popularity: 26
Idk what the rest of the message means but the 11111 is binary for 31. And seeing as this secret message follows a statement saying the game will come out soon i suspect this means they plan on releasing it on the 31st! :D

0101000=28 ( maybe this is the release date...?)

Another plan might be to translate all those weird characters into the numbers they had to press to get those characters. Looking at what a french keyboard looks like:
2=e with accent
Idk wut im doing...i give up
#16 2015-09-26
Modified by piepei on 2015-09-26.
NeoM Posts: 1150 Registration: 2014-04-04
We will not be able to deliver the next version this month, but it will be soon.

In addition to all what you can see in the latest news, we want to change some elements that was really akward in the latest version, like the fps view, and all of this takes more time than anticipated.
#15 2015-09-23
Modified by NeoM on 2015-09-23.
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
These updates are not yet put into the game. These news updates are just showing you what the devs are up to and to get you excited even more about the game!!
Also if I understood correctly from here
"We already know as of today that it will be tough but we will try to maintain the release date of the “craft” alpha which is scheduled for September."
Which means there will be an update this month!!
#14 2015-09-19
Beamybeams Posts: 23 Registration: 2015-05-17
nice !!!! question = everytime the devs post soemthing here do we need to click DOWNLOAD again to get that update or how it works?
#13 2015-09-19
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
I am guessing
"so01" at the beginning means "soon" because when Reymantha said
"Goodbye and see you so01..."
it sounds like he was about to say goodbye and see you soon.
But that might have nothing to do with it.
Someone should make a topic on this!!
#12 2015-09-18
We do have a hidden message in the game which needs to be decrypted manually...
#11 2015-09-18
Wowman77 Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-04-21 Popularity: 52
so01ç##0101000#@@0111501464'é("é-010&('000101"'é&"11111'²&é"é"(('(é&!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I've seen people decode messages by checking the source code, or running strings into decoders... I hope there's a hidden message within all of this! We need to create a topic dedicated to cracking that code, if there even is one :D
#10 2015-09-18
Modified by Wowman77 on 2015-09-18.
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
THAT is the coolest enemy you could have every made can't wait for more!
But what do you think
#9 2015-09-18
HULKReality Posts: 8 Registration: 2015-09-08 Popularity: 0
HI guys I'm new and loving this game I see theres new Enemy's or Robotics to challenge to face and that's time cant come soon enough.
Thanks guys and girls at Planet3
#8 2015-09-17
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