Pick-up items.

2015-09-10 Development
Hi everyone!

When I arrived last month, my first task was to create the little items that will spawn when you break a block or when a creature dies.

You can also drop some items from your inventory, to give them to another player or to free some slots.

When two of those items are similar and next to each other, they group together so that you can pick them up faster.

Graphics are not final, but that's how it will look like:

NeoM Posts: 1150 Registration: 2014-04-04
We are still alive, that a first good news!
The release will be delayed next year and we don't know when yet.
#13 2015-10-02
KyleFN Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-10

I had a Google Calendar alarm go off reminding me that the expected date of completion for this project was October of this year, so I'm just checking in to see if you're still on track or if/how far back the release date has been pushed.

#12 2015-09-29
axemall Posts: 15 Registration: 2015-01-29 Popularity: 1
oh man i so want this in the next version, look take your time no rush i have plentty patience for this game
#11 2015-09-15
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
I miss this things in the alpha, hope u finish the crafting system soon. I can't wait for testing it!
#10 2015-09-14
BlockBuster Posts: 37 Registration: 2015-08-14
@dodgerdog2000 : We're working hard to deliver the new version as soon as possible. However, there are still a lot of bugs to work on and some features to finalise, so it won't be ready tonight. Sorry!

@Kidcrafter : Yeah, it pops up way too often. We'll figure something out.^^
#9 2015-09-11
dodgerdog2000 Posts: 112 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 18
Would it be possible to release this build?
I'm doing a charity live stream on the 13th and would love to showcase new features and explore them with others.
#8 2015-09-11
Kidcrafter Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-09-03
I suggest removing that message whenever you pick up an item.
#7 2015-09-11
Ouiguy Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-15
Like DaemonOverlord said, this is just like minecraft! Similar to minecraft, I suggest to have items fall farther and from a higher distance (for both breaking things and throwing items out of one's inventory), but I do play Minecraft and that's what I'm used to, so I am pretty biased.
#6 2015-09-10
Modified by Ouiguy on 2015-09-10.
DaemonOverlord Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-07-20
This is a fantastic idea! Just like Minecraft but Planets3 styled :D I love it! :D
#5 2015-09-10
Korchy Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-05-02
A great feature. A suggestion to make it a bit better would be to have the size increase based on the number of items in a stack. Single item stack is size A, 2-5 items stacks are size B, etc.
#4 2015-09-10
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