Progress report

Working on the next version

Since the release of the alpha’s multiplayer version, we have been working on the next version: the “craft version”. The goal of this version is to introduce a part of the crafting system with everything related to it, like the gathering of various kind of resources and 2-3 zones with each a different difficulty level.

We are also designing various models of houses (futuristic, post-apocalyptic) which could be found in the game. Here is a first glimpse of Reymantha’s concept arts:

Houses Concept Art

Moreover, we plan to release, as promised, an intermediate version introducing an exporting tool (really basic) which will be compatible with the current version of the game and enabling you to save your constructions and to import them in the future versions. This temporary tool, is the best solution we found until a real backward compatibility can be achieved. Because this will probably not be possible before a long time.

A new member joins the team

Two days ago a new member has joined the development team: BlockBuster, whose real name is Sylvain Reynaud. He has been developing video games for quite some years now, which greatly motivated his hiring a few months back. He is joining CodingMarmot, GuyK and Mick to work on the game development. You will find more information on him on the team page.


A while ago, a member of the community asked to see pictures of the team and its working environment. Here they are:
Koron321 Posts: 1 Registration: 2015-02-10
You guys are so awesome, keep up the good work. I've been waiting for a really good game for a really, really long time now, and I think this just might be it.
#8 2015-08-12
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
I am looking really hard at the pictures just in case there is something being given away about the game on the computer screens. Lol.
#7 2015-08-06
piepei Posts: 31 Registration: 2014-04-26 Popularity: 26
This is the stuff i like to see in these updates! It brings me such joy to see behind the scenes stuff, please keep them concept artworks coming!
#6 2015-08-06
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
Thank you :)
#5 2015-08-05
KermED Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-14
Hi folks,

Ive been lucky to be a 3D video game developer for the last 5 years for cross platform mobile, and I am currently working on my first set of console games.

I just wanted to say, you guys rock. You've done an amazing job and come amazingly far. Your communication and art has been fantastic and you've more than earned the kickstarter funds from me.

As a professional in the industry I can say you have an amazing technical team.

Keep doing what your doing. If you guys end up needing anything, just let me and others know. I'd be happy to volunteer time / media / blogs whatever you need to see you successful.

#4 2015-08-05
MrSpuk Posts: 1 Registration: 2015-05-27
Hello guys! thats all awesome! i loved the alpha so far :D cant wait for the final product! you need to add a FOV slider ;) and also make the game work with fraps!!! wanna do a video of this :D
#3 2015-08-05
Jonofwrath Posts: 5 Registration: 2014-06-02
The picture of the tree on the wall - that picture is one of the reasons I've supported your project - the art your guys have made is beautiful - a game made based on this art will be fantastic!

Looking forward to see development continue :)

PS Give me a shout if you want any English text proof-read :)
#2 2015-08-05
Tenelia Posts: 36 Registration: 2014-06-10
Omg! Loving the buildings! I totally want to build stuff like Halo Forerunner constructions! :D
#1 2015-08-05
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