Musical Choices and world generation

Musical Choices

This week we would like to talk about our musical choices, and to let you listen to two of our music.

In the game, the soundscapes (music and sound design) will be a mix of realism and fantasy. Regarding the sound design, it will be a mix between realistic background sounds and fanciful creatures. The music will be composed of orchestral instruments mixed with synthesizers in order to further identify Planets³’s world. In the final game, music will follow in real time the global progression of the player, to give more importance to his actions. It could, for example, intensify or decrease in magnitude according to the player’s progression in a location.

Here is one of the music WonderB created for space:

And one of the music of the moor:

There will be several versions of this music in the moor, with multiple variations, so that the musical experience can always be different.


Of course, we are also making progress on the gameplay and the world generation. The enemies AI is beginning to be interesting (player detection, basic attacks, and so on…), we implemented the death of the player and his respawn, the possibility to regain health, the interaction with objects of the scenery (like a door or an interactive “terminal”), and the ability to equip a weapon.

Regarding the generation, we use what we call “doodads”. A doodad is a decorative element which we place at specific locations, like a tree, or an herb, but also parts of a dungeon or the houses of a village (even if this doesn’t exist in the game yet). And for each of these doodads, we have the possibility to create multiple alternative versions, to render the game less monotonous. We implemented this feature recently, and here is a screenshot to better illustrate it:


On this picture you can see that all the trees of a same kind are not identical.

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chasem007 Posts: 2 Registration: 2015-05-26
I like the music, and thinking of ambient space music, this is some of the best I've heard:
#29 2015-05-26
Tonio64286 Posts: 5 Registration: 2015-01-08
Oh man, this music is perfect. It has the chill-out feel like other indie games out there, but has a touch of something a little special!

God I'm dying to pre-order this game...
#28 2015-04-26
FoxxForever Posts: 11 Registration: 2014-05-27
really nice and chill.. i love the idea of relaxing in space.. i mean.. the reason why i play games is to relax, great job!
#27 2015-03-23
Purple_Pyro Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-02
Really diggin' the music.
Sorta has a chill vibe like Minecraft but is so much different at the same time...
#26 2015-03-23
Dummhamer Posts: 22 Registration: 2014-04-24
in developers we trust
#25 2015-03-20
Archespore Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-07-17 Popularity: 1
Love the music choices, and the new 'doodads'! I'm really enoying the awesome constant updates too. Can't wait for an Alpha.
#24 2015-03-20
Wonder B Posts: 20 Registration: 2015-01-23
Thanks everyone !
There'll be a lot more musics in the Alpha, i hope you'll like them ! :)
#23 2015-03-20
Zod Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-02
Wow ! Such nice soundtrack, I love it a lot. Good job guys keep it up !
#22 2015-03-19
Talarean Posts: 77 Registration: 2014-06-04 Popularity: 114
These are both excellent musical scores. I especially like it when games use dynamic music that adjusts according to the current circumstances. More games should use dynamic music.

Regarding biomes... will there be abrupt changes between biomes, or will there be a more gradual transition?
#21 2015-03-19
Ghostman622 Posts: 10 Registration: 2014-06-03 Popularity: 8
Amazing music. I am very very excited for where this game is heading.
#20 2015-03-19
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