RrRRrrRrrrrRrrrRrooaaaRR !

2015-01-21 Artistic
Here is a sample of the animation and sound effect work, currently in progress, on creatures.

It is an iterative work: AI, animation quality and their use according to the behavior will be improved during the internal gameplay test phases and using the feedbacks of the community after the alpha and beta releases.

In order to prevent any spoil, we only show you the tip of the iceberg.

We have also worked on other artistic aspects of the game, but we don’t want to disclose them before the release of the alpha. We are for example working on specific elements of the story, some of them being useful for the “story arc” of the alpha.

Moreover one of the objectives of the alpha is to improve the landscape generation. We want the landscapes to feel less “mathematical” and offer more diversity in the vegetation. All this work is also in progress.
oddwhirled Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-04-29
This might actually be a bit frightening to encounter in the game. Unlike minecraft where everything is a stinkin cube and the sounds are not exactly realistic.
#18 2015-02-02
israphel29 Posts: 4 Registration: 2015-01-12
This looks amazing, can't wait to see the final game in all its glory
#17 2015-01-25
Professional Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-09-30
Oh boy! I'm excited!
#16 2015-01-25
TheLEGOTimeLord Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-10
Wow! I'm really happy to see how this is all going well and progressing! :D
Keep up with the good work!!!!!
#15 2015-01-24
MrNoob Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-09-18
I want one now
Looks good cant wait to see it in the wild
#14 2015-01-23
Geth Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-03
Looks great

but the licking sound...
it's bad

maybe it's just too loud but it sounds like rowing a boat up a river
#13 2015-01-23
Anaril Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-02
Oh My God !!! So sweet !!!
#12 2015-01-23
Alex12 Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-09-02
#11 2015-01-23
slay_mithos Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-06-15
Apart from a few clipping issues, it looks nice, an sounds nice.
#10 2015-01-22
fuerstr Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-02
so sweet
#9 2015-01-22
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