Animasia Exhibition

2014-10-08 General


Guyk, Mick, Reymantha and NeoM have traveled to Bordeaux for the Animasia exhibition and everything went well! We have met approximatively 500 people and we have had only positive feedbacks about the game and the concept.
It has been a great adventure especially since we had the pleasure to come across a dozen of you!

The team

For francophones : here is an interview realized on the exhibition and which has already been broadcast at the time this news is written :


You have access to some new features on the web site:

  • Kickstarter backers who have chosen this reward can now choose a monster or boss name in the “My account” page on the web site.
  • We added a RSS feed on the news, since many among you have asked for it for several weeks.
  • You now have the possibility to follow a topic on the forum. It will then appear in the followed topics list on the homepage of the forum.
Malcolm3x Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-11-08
mais guarder le coté cube c est genial
#5 2014-11-08
Malcolm3x Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-11-08
j adore minecraft .Mais je prefere planet cube il y a plus de bloc mais il manque quelque chose comme de la redstone. je trouve sans on pourrais pas faire de machine.
On sera obliger de faire les quetes
#4 2014-11-08
Kidcrafter Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-09-03
Glad to hear that you guys are getting positive feedback on the game! I hope you will make many more good games like this one in the future.
#3 2014-10-10
jacek Posts: 23 Registration: 2014-05-08
when it will be in Poland, because I already collect team
#2 2014-10-08
rayandu06 Posts: 19 Registration: 2014-09-03
Very good :)
#1 2014-10-08
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