Monthly Dev Report

2014-10-01 Artistic, Development


The construction prototype has been released 1 month ago and we’d like to thank you all for your constructions, critics and bug reports.

This month we have decided to put forward 6 of your constructions:

Backers Constructions
constructions de Mandrek, Dastan71, Wowman77 et Epsilon32


We focused our efforts on 2 of the most important parts of Planets³ : Multiplayer and rendering optimizations.


Mick’s arrival enabled us to make progress regarding the multiplayer implementation of the game. We are also putting in substantial amount of efforts on the design and structure of our code.


After spending several days of development, thinking, and investigation, we now know what we have to do in order to improve the rendering performance of the game. We even discussed our issues with experts on massive data rendering in french research laboratories (INRIA /CNRS) these last few weeks and they confirmed what we suspected : we have to satisfy some technical specifications.
Sadly Ogre, which is the rendering engine we are currently using, doesn’t allow us to satisfy those specifications efficiently. That’s why we have to replace it.

This was not foreseen and will have a substantial impact on the whole development roadmap.

Some answers to questions you might have:

  • Will this engine replacement have an impact on the release date of the Alpha?
    Yes, undeniably, this will postpone the release of the Alpha by several weeks.
    The Alpha will not be released in 2014.
  • Does this mean that there will be no new content in 2014?
    Perhaps there will be, we will try to release a “pre-alpha” version for Christmas. We hope to be able to include some “simple” multiplayer gameplay and perhaps a new gameplay feature. All of this using the new engine. This will depend on the time needed by the development team in order to integrate the new engine.
  • Have you already chosen the new engine?
    We are still evaluating some of them, and will keep you updated next month.

Our objective is to choose an engine which not only satisfies the rendering specifications we need but also will enable us to increase our productivity in the future (physics, AI, networking, and so on…). So it’s a bad news right now but it will be a great improvement for the project development in its globality.

Artistic note

The following schema represents the different zones of the first planet. The 5 zones on the surface are split up into 17 biomes, with each its topography, its wildlife, its dungeons, its constructions. In this picture we only disclose the topography of the biomes.


The red deer, the peacock and the squirrel are part of a long list of living beings which will inhabit each biome.



Aside from the game development, you have certainly noticed that we keep updating our web tool:

  • you can now publish pictures of your constructions on the forum.
  • you can now rate posts and sort them by popularity
  • a new version of the “my account” page has been released, which is clearer, more practical and which will soon be improved with new functionalities (private messaging, web site/forum settings)
  • people who have supported us on Kickstarter and the 2 months after Kickstarter have now access to a new space where they can manage their rewards.
Flofy387 Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-04-22
I hope that the Google translator does his job. (Because my english is not the best)
- -
I look forward to definitely already on the landscape generator :). It should, however, in the various biomes not be too flat.
- What I would like very much is that the different planets are not only 100 or 200 blocks deep! (As it Minecraft)
Dear then already several thousand blocks that a proper 'deep feeling' gets.

The animals look good. I look forward to any case already on future updates.
#25 2014-10-05
Modified by Flofy387 on 2014-10-05.
Wowman77 Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-04-21 Popularity: 52
Are we supposed to be able to see this function on our account that lets us view awards? I was a backer during the two months after Kickstater, therefore I'm eligible for the awards section, but I don't see anything like that in the My Account page. Is this normal at the moment, or is there a problem?
#24 2014-10-04
Armed Mosquito Posts: 5 Registration: 2014-06-07
Personally, I am very excited new game engine means new stuff to play around with. To me this makes plenty of sense, I am happy to see that the team was willing to put the effort in to make the outcome more of what you visioned. That says a lot about the hard work going into the game. I'm very excited to hear which game engine you decide to choose next as well I hope you will keep us informed on making that decision. And hey at least you get to keep probably 98% of your game assets. I bet this will turn out to be a great thing!

p.s - the animals look great and the squirrel is my favorite :P
#23 2014-10-03
Modified by Armed Mosquito on 2014-10-03.
Indomidable Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-06-02
Well I'm of the sort who thinks Gamer= Great Gaming PC...not some weak $300 PC... If you're not dropping $200+ on your video card it's not going to be that impressive of a computer to me. Processors if the game can actually use them may be nice... most games are developed in a poor multithreaded level allowing 2 or 3 Core PC's to perform as well as an 8 Core... Which is absurd when we're looking at capabilities. As to what Piepei said, Cry or Unreal 4 would definitely promote a level of graphics that is awesome. Then again I'm all for 64 bit gaming (after all I've had a 64 bit PC since 2003/4) And I'm all for getting what makes my gameplay fluid (average 60 fps, min 30 fps)... Thanks for the headsup, I look forward to the end result.
#22 2014-10-02
Modified by Indomidable on 2014-10-02.
piepei Posts: 31 Registration: 2014-04-26 Popularity: 26
o man if this game was made in CryEngine or Unreal engine 4, that would be sooo beautiful! pls
#21 2014-10-02
Poppatohtori Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-02
Just started to drool over this game. Hope you can make it work
#20 2014-10-02
Nice-N-Simply Posts: 25 Registration: 2014-06-02
Yeah read the news of changing engines. Well I worked with a few engines not a big expert in it, but I done many experimenting with them.

At first the best candidate for an Engine that renders good, and has the same properties as being a voxel Minecraft game is the Unity 3D engine. It runs fairly light mostly depending on the game.

Best examples of using Unity 3D similar to the idea of what I see the cubical drift team trying to achieve is
Planet Explorers

And Proven Lands

As for Unreal Engine 4 I have yet to do enough research and Experimenting with my license with the engine in a Voxel type Mincecraft game. Though possible it may run pretty heavy.

As for other engines I haven't looked into many other engines lately, due to school. Allot in the past I know of that could do voxel have died off. No longer exist.
Another engine is Tug but their source engine is not open source.

One I hear of also is Turbulenz engine
I hear its being used to make oort online game.
#19 2014-10-02
Modified by Nice-N-Simply on 2014-10-02.
Greppi123 Posts: 19 Registration: 2014-05-09
If you are going to change the engine chose an engine for poor PC
i got a good pc and a bad pc
i want to buy 2 copies 1 for my brother and the other one for me
and i want to play coop
please chose an engine for a poor PC
#18 2014-10-02
dradardev Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-09-01 Popularity: 80
Okay. The sad part is it's being pushed back, but for good reason. The amazing part is the animals!! and that section of earth. Those look amazing!

Keep up the great work guys!
#17 2014-10-02
dodgerdog2000 Posts: 112 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 18
I going to do a news episode on this soon! :D
#16 2014-10-02
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