Favorite of the week #18 : A new peace-keeping tool

2017-08-08 Development
Dear Citizens,

Night and Day, the Imperium Machina's Ministry of Peace is looking for new ways to protect you.

What a joy it was to receive blueprints of a ship designed by one of your brilliant minds!

See by yourself here :

We don't know why, but this ship gave us some new ideas for our loyal servants' uniforms, something about a respirator...

Its Designer, called Phoenix, is invited to go to the nearest Imperium's Tower to receive his reward.

This was a message from the Imperium Machina's Ministry of Peace.
Grawa427 Posts: 49 Registration: 2016-04-04 Popularity: 14
Gloire au nom sacré de l'imperium MACHINA
#3 2017-08-09
eyefighter Posts: 306 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 182
merci à Phoenix pour son aide au maintien de la paix

gloire à l'impérium.
#2 2017-08-08
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
et de maintien de la guerre
#1 2017-08-08
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