Favorite of the week #17: Corridor trap... and other ways to trap a player

2017-08-01 General
Since electricity was added in Stellar Overload, you can build traps, secret codes, riddles, and even mini-games inside the game!

This simple circuit, published by R4INB0W_F34TH3R is a great example to see how sadistic you can be to the people that visit your dungeons: once you're in front of the detector, lasers will light up just long enough to kill you when you'll walk in front of them... :)

Here at Cubical Drift, we love to discover the new twisted traps you imagine, so please, feel free to share them on the steam workshop! You also have until august 30th to enter the "Escape Room" contest (right here). ;)

R4INB0W_F34TH3R's circuit can be downloaded here.
R4INB0W_F34TH3R Posts: 23 Registration: 2016-02-18 Popularity: 3
Ha ha, si on m'avait dit un jour que je passerai dans les coups de coeur de la semaine avec cette construction je ne vous aurai pas cru ! :') Pour ceux qui pourraient être intéressés par des pièges du genre ou bien des réalisations de vos propres idées, n'hésitez pas à me contacter et abonnez-vous à mon workshop steam !

Un grand merci au studio Clubical Drift pour ce superbe jeu qui promet !!!
#1 2017-08-17
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