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After Beat EP1: Leitmotiv

2017-04-21 Artistic
Hi everybody, I am super happy to present you today the first After Beat article, in which I will dissect the music of the game.

Let’s start with a question that almost nobody asks itself except me: is there a leitmotiv in the game?

Well, since not everyone is necessarily a specialist in music, we will first define what a leitmotiv is. Let’s take the Oxford dictionary definition, which is very clear:
«Leitmotiv: A recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation».

So, did I use a leitmotiv in Stellar Overload? Yes, and even several, for factions, characters, etc. But today we will just focus on the most important: the leitmotiv of our character.

It consists of a short melody of 8 notes (just because 8 is my favorite number, that's it...) that we will be able to hear for the first time in the main menu of the game, towards the very end (At 03.42 precisely). Concentrate on your left ear and spot it played by a kind of "electronic flute":

This little melodic figure, which stumbles but always arrives higher, is there to represent the difficult task of our hero. All this is also perceived visually by taking a glance at the score and the way it is composed:


Following the curve drawn by the course of the notes, one sees well the stumbling side but which always goes up higher.

And I hid this leitmotiv in many important places of the adventure, either related to the scenario, or related to particular gameplay situations. For example, here in the cinematic intro of the game, played at the Glockenspiel, the first time we see our character asleep (at 0.30 precisely):

The rebels are an important part of the formation of our character, thus the music of their camp on Merx also contains this theme sometimes (at 0.16 for example, in a little more serious tone than before):

It is also present but modified in victorious jingles, or even in the captured music of an enemy building, where the victory of our character mingles with that of the rebels (at 0.15 precisely):

The last example, more subtle and emotional, when we find our brother in the lab, here with the figure engrained on the piano to bring back a little tenderness in a place yet conducive to combat (from 0.37):

Let’s finish with a really hidden detail. If several jingles obviously use the leitmotiv, it is much more hidden in the « medium » jingle, when you get a recipe kind of reward. In the excerpt that follows, you can hear the jingle at its normal speed then slowed down strongly, clearly revealing the melody:

There are other examples of the presence of this melody in other musics of the game, or even in some trailers, but I let you find them by yourself now. I hope you enjoyed this little article, next time we will talk about the music of Merx!

See you soon, Keep on rocking!
Drululu Posts: 476 Registration: 2016-11-08 Popularity: 289
Le thème des arkuloide c'est "After bit" et la musique s'appel "synthonise"

Hahaha oui je spoil!
#8 2017-04-26
PoulpinoT Posts: 125 Registration: 2016-12-30 Popularity: 114
Clap Clap Clap ! Une belle entrée en matière ! Voilà un chronique qui promet d'être intéressante ! Hâte de voir (ecouter) la suite !
#7 2017-04-22
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
C'est vrai que la musique de Xander a passé inaperçu, vu le peu de temps et de fois qu'on passe dans sa cellule.

L'oscillement haut-bas des notes me font plutôt penser à un voyage où on alterne entre grotte de plus en plus profondes et donjon de plus en plus haut.
#6 2017-04-21
Darkbibni Posts: 11 Registration: 2014-05-17
Super chronique ! Vivement la suite. ^^
#5 2017-04-21
Indemmar Posts: 538 Registration: 2016-08-28 Popularity: 176
Moi comme j'avais le son de mon ordi au max j'ai pas eu besoin de ralentir :-P
Par contre je ne savais même pas que le son des recettes était si long! Mon casque au port inadapté produit un grésillement léger qui couvre les sont faibles. (c'est agaçant à la longue, tristesse)

J'adore la musique de Xander^^
#4 2017-04-21
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Il était partout et j'avais jamais remarqué !

Pour Jingle Medium, la partie au ralenti ne va pas assez fort. J'ai cru que le lecteur buguait ou un oubli mais en mettant le son à fond, là j’entends.
Mais c'est le son de mon ordinateur portable.
#3 2017-04-21
Modified by cyberjasse on 2017-04-21.
PauMS Posts: 695 Registration: 2016-02-13
Très intéressant ! Hâte de lire le prochain numéro d'After Beat !!
#2 2017-04-21
Haldor Posts: 458 Registration: 2016-02-21 Popularity: 264
vraiment sympa cette chronique !!!
#1 2017-04-21
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