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2014-09-01 Artistic, Development


A fair share of our work is invisible for now, since it consist of engine improvement (world generation, rendering, differential saving, installation …). Even if it is still under development, we have reached a stable version.

The universe is currently composed of several static planets which are quite far from one another, so we decided to increase movement speed in space in order to make it easier to travel between them.

Planets³ - view from space

We added a little arrow above the pickup ghost in order to indicate in which direction the blocks are going to be removed, this is very useful to understand what is going to happen.

Pickup arrow

We implemented a new “block placement ghost”. It displays more clearly that the blocks can be rotated and which shortcut to use to change their orientation.

Block Placement Ghost

Since the press prototype release, we also put effort into the user interface, it now shows what the final user interface of the game will be.

Planets³ User Interface

Artistic note

The “Sculpting³” is really enjoyable each time you contemplate the result. Indeed a beautiful construction requires patience and a good deal of observation to judge the result every step of the way.

The new “block placement ghost” is of a great assistance to help carefully choose the right shape and orientation of each block (we have a thing about the tetrahedric block, don’t you?). Iterate over and over again is the key to realize the sculpture you dreamed of.

You have at your disposal a complete block palette of colored materials. The material choice is relatively arbitrary and doesn’t have much importance in the current creative mode.

Planets³ Inventory

The world generation is basic. The planets’ sculpture (vegetation, landscapes), the design of living beings, of constructions and so on… has been put aside for now.

The light dynamic is also basic (the planets being static). It will require some work to be adapted to the upcoming moving planets.

The world is made of materials which have each their own colored texture. On each block of a given material, this color varies randomly a little bit.In the future, a second layer of alternative textures will be added to paint the materials regarding their nature : woods, rocks, metals, fabrics, crafted materials, and so on...

Planets³ Biomes

The construction prototype

It’s the september’s “surprise”, we are proud to deliver a first version of the project : Planets³’s construction prototype.

This first release is not the Alpha version of the game. It’s the prototype version we gave to the press during the Kickstarter campaign with some improvements. We thought it would be nice for all of you, who have supported us, to finally be able to put your hands on something concrete, even if this prototype doesn’t reflect yet what the game will be.

Information on the game
It’s important for you to understand that your saved universes will very likely not be compatible with the future version of the game. Indeed, given the list of changes that will be made to the game in the coming months, the list of materials itself will not be valid anymore. But don’t let it stop you from sharing your most beautiful constructions !

The shortcut you have to know: F1. It displays main available shortcuts.

We also opened a “Prototype” forum section in order to discuss specifically this release (to report bugs or to discuss improvements you would like to have in the game).

Beware that this prototype is currently only available on Windows 64 bits.

Now it’s your turn!

All of you who have pre-ordered the game with an alpha access can go to their Planets³ web account and download the prototype.
Those of you who didn’t pre-order the alpha access on Kickstarter or on our website during the 2 months after Kickstarter can now upgrade their license to purchase the alpha access.

Everything happens here in your Planets³ web account:
Chaotix Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-08-26
Its cool learning about the game early cause you get the more unique names
#77 2015-01-06
High tech ret Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-12-16
Is it out yet?
#76 2014-12-16
Planets Squared Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-11-14
Omg, im like the prequel to you PLANETS³
#75 2014-11-14
PLANETS³ Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-10-19
Look at my name. My name is amazing :D
#74 2014-10-19
Professional Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-09-30
I got the name Professional! I am so happy xD This game really shows a whole lot of potential, I'm excited being one of the few being able to play the game since the earliest prototype, I am really looking forward to what this game will turn out to be.
#73 2014-09-30
slendy095031191 Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-09-25
#72 2014-09-25
batu Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-08-31
#71 2014-09-24
ioxon Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-04-25
I hope planets will be further apart from each other than what we see in that first screen.
#70 2014-09-15
NotSoBrown Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-04-27
I forgot to say this, but thank you for letting us get the prototype! it is cool to see what you already have brought us in the time that you have started. I don't know if everyone exactly understands how cool it is of what your doing. Thanks again!
#69 2014-09-12
C0ded Survivor Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-04-22
At this point in development, this is well beyond what I expected. I would say keep it up, but judging by the amount of work put in, I'd say you guys might need to take a break!
#68 2014-09-12
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