Cubical Challenge #2 is over!

2017-01-18 General
The Cubical Challenge #2 is over!
Thanks to Reymantha, Angetsu, Crounchann, Bley, Squick and Bushi!

Let’s take a look at their constructions! What do you think?


See it again on our Twitch channel!

We hope you really enjoyed it.
Prepare other ideas for the next challenge!
Romulus Posts: 147 Registration: 2014-06-02
Nice work ! And good advertising for the steam workshop :)
Hope you re-use Squick's skeleton in-game !
#3 2017-01-19
crounchann Posts: 17 Registration: 2016-03-23
@Waric : English spoken here ;)
#2 2017-01-19
Waric Posts: 99 Registration: 2014-06-15 Popularity: 44
Les constructions de Bushi et Reymanta sont les plus impressionnantes :)

bravo à toute l'équipe :)

Well done !
#1 2017-01-19
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