Istara, coming soon, really soon...

2016-12-09 Artistic
Thank you all for your comments on the first Istara previews.
We could not resist to show you more.

Istara has three types of landscapes: the White forest, the Sequoia forest and the Swamps. To find out more, see you on December, 14th ;)

I take this opportunity to congratulate the three artists who worked hard on this planet.

Thanks Crounchann, Squick and Bushi. (do you know them?)
Royalize Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-12-11
I got to admit something, i had an eye on this game for some time now and the improvements keep coming...this lil video/screenshoots are....breath taking....simply beautiful...keep working on this game and u will get allot of followers. Cant wait to see what the future brings into this game...i want to play it so bad...wishing for a demo or something xP...really impreesive stuff right here.
#3 2016-12-11
evil78 Posts: 4 Registration: 2015-10-17
continuer comme ça !!!!!
#2 2016-12-10
THE ULTRADON Posts: 4 Registration: 2016-02-07
Looks even better than Merx!
#1 2016-12-10
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