Early Access Update 2, it's today!

2016-12-14 General

We are glad to present the early access update!
Here are the main new features you will find:



Our second planet, Istara, has been highly improved, graphically and technically.
Istara is a cold forest planet with three biomes in it: the swamps, the sequoïa forest and snowy forest.
A new population of animals appeared : spiders, brakhs (a local boar) and bees.
New trees were also added: pines, spruces and above all, the giants sequoïas.

New vehicle : the Spacejet


3 new control blocks have been added: the Gyrograv block, the Spacejet cockpit and a directionnal thruster.
You can now get into space by building a spacejet with those new elements!

The thrusters allow you to control the direction of your ship. You will need 6 thrusters, one for each direction to fully control your ship (Forward, backward, move laterally to the left, or to the right, up and down).
If you put only 2 blocks forward and backward for instance, you will just be able to go forward or backward.

Do not forget to check the key bindings options: we added a vehicle section so you can set your bindings according to your preferences, with no effect to the character bindings (on foot).

Workshop on Steam feature : Share your plans with the community!


You want to show to the community your brand new spaceship you just made? You want to try a house a friend of yours did?
By pressing the “P” key while in game, you will open the plan sharing tool.
This tool allow you to share every plans you created with all your local saves, but also with the rest of the world directly on Steam Workshop.
Just drag and drop a plan from this new screen to your inventory and put it in your world (if you have the right blocks to build it!)
Just drag and drop a plan from your inventory to the workshop, add it and bam! It’s online!

New community feature: Transforming a creative universe into a custom universe


Build your world in creative mode, then transform it into a custom universe (“C” button on the universe’s list). The custom mode is your universe with no scenario. You will start with an empty inventory and a knowledge of every recipes.
More options to customise this mode will be added in the future.

New features for the creative mode


You can now put creatures to create your own swarming dungeon! Eww... !

You can now define the spawn point for the players by using the /setspawn command. Use it for example to set the spawn point in front of your dungeon.

You can also enable or disable the inertia using the command /togglemomentum. Our artist team asked for this option, and some of you will definitely like it too!

Recorder improvement, and plan setting enhancement

Right click now registers automatically an object. The algorithm now spreads to all the blocks linked to the one you are targeting. You’d better separate your object from the ground before you do that ;)

New death system

Death is always hard to balance and above all, today we don’t have every tool to do it.
From now on, when you die, you will loose all your inventory but your weapons, ammo and armor.
You will need to come back where you died and click on the bag to loot your inventory.
Make some backup chests before you go kill some monsters, who knows ;)

New quest log

You can now follow a secondary quest by selecting it from the journal (press “J” key) and by clicking on the “Follow” button on the top right corner.
3 characters will wave at you at a moment during the adventure (at the end).
Keep an eye open ;)

You can also check every modifications and improvements we have done in the last seven weeks on the detailed release note of this new update here.

Note for all the AZERTY players: You need to reset your key bindings manually in the game options, due to the new spacejets mechanics, we currently can’t mix US and FR key settings anymore. We will provide a fix in a future patch regarding this issue.

Note for the builders: you can now access the old “EA1” version to create all the blueprints you want, and then copy them to the new version folder. To access the old version: right-click on Stellar Overload in your game list, choose “properties”, and go to the “betas” tab. Select the “steam_ea1_v0.8.5.2” version in the dropdown list.

As usual, we have open a new section on the forum. Do not hesitate to tell us your feelings about this new version of the game.

And most importantly : Have fun!
gribouille-81 Posts: 111 Registration: 2014-09-01 Popularity: 71
J'ai adorer découvrir Istara les décors sont somptueux
Bravos :) et passez de bonne fêtes ;)
#31 2016-12-24
Raiday Posts: 15 Registration: 2016-06-12
Incroyable j'adore avec cette multitudes de possibilités de construction de vaisseaux Istara planète juste sublime avec la forêt de squales ses fleurs etc... un peu déçu de ne pas avoir découverts le cousin de Orco mais ce n'est pas pas grave on connait bien l'équipe on sait que vous allez envoyez envoyer du lourd pour la prochaine MAJ ! :) Continuez !
#30 2016-12-20
Mistrane Posts: 146 Registration: 2016-10-17 Popularity: 34
Alors là... là... FFFouuu, c'est bien au delà de ce que je pouvais imaginer ! Je n'ai pas de mots, La vue lointaine des planètes aussi, bref... pas de mots, quel travail, c'est grandiose, ISTARA, le vaisseau spatial qui prend une vitesse de dingue dans l'espace ! Tout ça c'est... Bravo !!!!!!
#29 2016-12-18
Euzebio Posts: 46 Registration: 2016-09-29
On reprends tout depuis le debut avec ma fille, que de changements, génial !
#28 2016-12-17
A$CE_DeaD Posts: 3 Registration: 2016-10-07
Pas mal cette nouvelle MAJ, j'adore ^^
#27 2016-12-17
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
We will add a way to "stop" the spaceship to move in a next patch.

But yes, for the moment you can remove the gyrograv block to stop your spaceship, and then add it again when it's built.
#26 2016-12-17
Bleypix Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-09-20
Place the Gyroblock on the ship, then put some blocks over it, then put a second gyroblock, start building your ship (the base), then remove the first gyroblock.

Once you have the base, remove the second one, it will lose the antigrav effect

You can now build the ship as you like, and at the end, put the gyroblock again and your ship will fly again ;)
#25 2016-12-17
frayien Posts: 113 Registration: 2014-06-02
@cyberjasse l'un ou l'autre
#24 2016-12-16
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
LxxL has a good idea. And I have the same problem.
#23 2016-12-16
LxxL Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-09-04
Thanks for the great update :D realy cool.

But I can't build my spaceship! its moving the whole time...........

It would be nice to dock the ship.
#22 2016-12-15
Modified by LxxL on 2016-12-15.
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