Istara, coming soon

2016-12-03 Artistic
I am so glad to show you the first Istara previews.

Kardafly Posts: 9 Registration: 2015-08-07 Popularity: 3
I really like this biome, very cool. The huge trees are awesome looking, and just the sheer amount of vegetation and variety in some of the screenshots is really cool.

I do find it odd, though, how the entire planet is this one biome. Same deal with Merx. Its all very good looking, a really magical and different landscape, but its a bit bland to walk through after a while due to a sheer lack of variance. The concept art for the first planet is amazing, the volcano, with forests and lakes, a desert area, and a snow capped mountain.. So much to explore! Each of the 6 sides of the planet is unique, and i think that would really contribute to it. Not to mention make navigation a lot easier. I navigate by landmarks, even in real life, so i need some really defining features to differentiate areas by.

Dont get me wrong, the rest of the planets, #4 and up, look great as 1 continuous 'biome' because of their lack of atmosphere or land mass variance. You would expect an ocean plane to be just ocean, and a gas giant to have nothing but atmosphere. Very excited to explore those areas and learn to navigate through them. But places like this, earth-like planets if you will, should have some variance. The water cycle alone would have created valleys and hills and perhaps some ancient tectonic forces would have made mountains with little caps of snow.
#7 2016-12-12
Aldrich-Sky Posts: 15 Registration: 2014-06-02
I logged in just to say how freaking amazing this looks. I love the way the game is shaping up to be <3
#6 2016-12-08
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Awesome, love the look of the new biomes!
#5 2016-12-06
Talarean Posts: 67 Registration: 2014-06-04
Ooooo... Oooo... Oooooooo...

Really looking forward to this. :)
#4 2016-12-04
Scrythor Posts: 36 Registration: 2015-08-26
Thanks for developing my favorite planet. :)
#3 2016-12-03
Chesterlots Posts: 17 Registration: 2015-07-17
Looks fantastic. Are you guys facing challenges with the AI when it comes to combating in densely packed forests? There's lots of potential cover to utilize there, it'd be interesting to see enemies and allies take advantage of it.
#2 2016-12-03
THE ULTRADON Posts: 4 Registration: 2016-02-07
#1 2016-12-03
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