New building contest: a Treehouse

2016-11-02 General
A new building contest starts today! And it's theme is:

Treehouse: an ecologic and futuristic building.


The shape of the house in the picture is only an example..

The contest’s rules and some building advice can be found here

One of the challenges of this contest will be to display the full potential of your construction in only one image. Take a lot of screenshots and choose the best!

The 5 houses elected by the community will be integrated to the game, most likely in the EA2.
NeoM Posts: 1150 Registration: 2014-04-04
Can't wait for it ;)

A video from one of our players that could help to understand creative mode features:

And two news that can help too:
#2 2016-11-10
Solideven Posts: 2 Registration: 2016-11-08
I've finished the first available quests of the game, so I want to start and learn the building of the game. Hope to have made something before the deadline!
#1 2016-11-08
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