Introducing Selia

2016-09-21 Artistic
Selia is the Craft Master of the village. She designs all the objects that can serve the community: jars, cloning tanks, supplies, but also delicious fruit juices she drinks without any moderation. The vitamins overload contained in these juices seems to make her extremely nervous. Since Orco left, she has trouble accepting the constant tranquility of the village, and secretly thinks about joining the rebels on Merx.
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
I'm not much happy the way the NPCs are going. Im talking abut their appearence. I think they lack personality, a more human like looking. It has something to do with the eyes. Not pretty sure but something more spherical, cartoon-like or some like that.

Im waiting for they role in the game and the interactions with my character, but right now they feel hum.... cold.

You are making an amazing game so please carry on!
#1 2016-09-29
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