Call to spatial architects: official community building contest

2016-06-29 General
Some months ago, we were discussing the new Stellar Overload key art. Today we use the tree concept art. But with the incoming Steam early access release, we needed to go further with this picture, sending a more appropriate message. The current picture shows exploration, space, and science-fiction but is missing the adventure, action and multiplayer parts of our game.
So, we chose to upgrade this key art, and among all the things present in it, there will be a spaceship!

And then I said: "What if the players could create this spaceship?".
After months of reflection, and after the alpha 3 release, we found the idea very fun. And we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Today I am very happy to announce that the first Stellar Overload official building contest will start on July, the 4th!


Process will be simple:
  • During the summer: you will be able to submit as many spaceships as you want
  • At the end of the summer: you will be able to vote for the ones you like the most
  • After the vote: the creators of the first three spaceships will receive a 3D printed version of their ship, before Christmas
  • And we will choose a spaceship, among all proposed spaceships, that will be integrated to the key art

Complete contest rules will be available on July, the 4th.
But if you want to think about your spaceship as of today and be ready before others, it will be a human spaceship that can fly in the game (so your are limited to the current in game vehicle control blocks (T1-T5))
Talarean Posts: 67 Registration: 2014-06-04
That's a really great reward for a contest.

This got me thinking, it would be great if there was a tool with Stellar Overload that could convert our creations to 3D printer ready files. Then all I'd need is an actual 3D printer...
#2 2016-07-01
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Well I know I won't win since I am really bad at building and designing.
#1 2016-06-29
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