Experimental Linux version

2016-06-13 General
Lots of you have been asking for a Linux version of the dedicated server, and some of you would even like to be able to play Stellar Overload on Linux. The Unreal Engine allow us to please these two requests, so we decided to release an experimental Linux version containing both the dedicated server and the game client.

It is the same version as the version we released on Wednesday for Windows and Mac, which means that the bugs you reported since then haven’t been fixed in this version. Moreover some functionalities of the game client doesn’t work yet:
  • The ingame help page
  • The video played during loading when you go through a teleporter

On the dedicated server side, everything should work as well as on Windows.

For more information, and to share any bug specific to Linux you might encounter, see the dedicated thread “Blocky Blockade experimental Linux version” in the Alpha section of the forum.
vortex Posts: 17 Registration: 2014-06-15
Loving the Linux version .. Just reached Istara.. now looking for a Lion !!
Thanks guys !!
#17 2016-07-07
Insight Posts: 5 Registration: 2016-01-10
Good point. I prefer Linux (I use Linux Mint) to Windows and Mac though.
#16 2016-06-22
Narkulus Posts: 5 Registration: 2015-12-14
Not really a war. Linux has a very niche market that Microsoft cannot penetrate without giving their OS away for free and giving up their built in revenue spam. Linux cannot displace Windows just like Windows cannot stamp out Linux.
#15 2016-06-20
Insight Posts: 5 Registration: 2016-01-10
And so the PC vs Linux wars continue on
#14 2016-06-19
MineElectricity Posts: 8 Registration: 2014-04-24
Thhhhhhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnkkkksssss finally I can play it with my linux ! :DDD
#13 2016-06-18
Narkulus Posts: 5 Registration: 2015-12-14
What exactly is a bunch of bs? That Windows is vulnerable to constant malware and virus threats and Linux isn't. That Microsoft has a revenue store built into their newest OS and constantly spams the notification center with offers.

Most people only use Windows because of the popularity of programs and apps for it.
I use primarily Windows because of that reason, but am fully aware that Linux and Mac's OSX are far superior by design. It's nice to see devs give the underdog systems a little love.
#12 2016-06-15
Ancientgods Posts: 26 Registration: 2015-05-30 Popularity: 11
You know that pretty much the majority of servers run linux right? It's a waste of memory to run a heavy OS like windows when instead you can run a fast, lightweight OS like linux. Not to mention Linux is 100% free and opensource.
#11 2016-06-15
N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22
Yeaaaa.... .no, that is a bunch of bs.
#10 2016-06-14
Narkulus Posts: 5 Registration: 2015-12-14
Some people prefer a secure OS without the MS revenue hooks.
#9 2016-06-14
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@N1KE there is no reason to think Linux is a stoneage software. It continues to evolve and continues to stay more efficient than Windows.
Perhaps you think it doesn't evolve because Linux users open systematically a terminal. There is a GUI in common distributions like Ubuntu but Linux users realize that a whole bunch of tool is easier with the terminal even if a GUI version exists.
I use Ubuntu to work and I agree its easier and there is more performance than Windows. I just had to learn using a terminal.
And Linux server are cheaper, thats why we asked them a Linux version.
#8 2016-06-14
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