Color grading!

2016-05-05 Artistic
"The lower the sun, ther pinker the light." here is a sentence that nobody ever said ... but it sums up this news.


The graphics of the game have reached a new level. After the clusters (see here), setting the color grading over time allows us to better appreciate the different atmospheric shades of the various moments of the day.

This is what you can see in this 30 seconds video, showing the day/night cycle on Merx.

And if the sun rises tomorrow morning - which I'm pretty sure - and we're outside at sunrise - which I'm much less sure - we could enjoy the color grading in real life! Go on, I dare you!
XDiegolol Posts: 4 Registration: 2015-07-07
my computer can't run that, but it looks amazing! I hope some day i can buy a gamer computer... ;)
#9 2016-05-07
Reymantha Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-04-14
Thank you for your support. I am glad to see you like it.
#8 2016-05-07
salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Its looks absolutely amazing...
#7 2016-05-07
blob Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-03
Dawn, sunrise and night look absolutely mindblowing. Awesome work. Transition from dawn to day is brutal though and daylight looks a bit flat... Would love some more blueish atmospheric perspective there. :O
#6 2016-05-06
Kyrza Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-06-08
So pretty!
#5 2016-05-06
sondrex76 Posts: 30 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 27
That looks awesome!
#4 2016-05-06
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
#3 2016-05-06
CodeManX Posts: 3 Registration: 2015-05-08
You guys have been doing a great job with the production of this game. It looked fantastic when I first saw it on Kickstarter, and now I'm speechless on how the game is progressing. Keep up the good work! This game will be a huge hit!
#2 2016-05-06
Templar Posts: 100 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 39
That looks absolutely beautiful, I can't wait until different weather effects are implemented. Imagine how atmospheric a rain storm could be!
#1 2016-05-05
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