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Evolutive soundscapes and Surround sound

2016-05-12 Artistic
«Sometimes ago, the sun was constantly shining, but since Cubical Drift gave us a true day/night cycle, I can finally sleep a little better. I say "a little better", because the little birds chirping in my ears all night drive me crazy, and it does not seem quite normal. Can you help me?”
Enrico Balt (carrot juice producer on Merx)

I listened to you, Enrico, and now the soundscapes, like the music, are following the course of the day gradually. Notice in the video below how the birds are replaced by crickets and then by a nightlife ambience. With a music that does the same, you can now sleep peacefully.

A few months ago, I have also received this poignant testimony:

"While I was walking quietly on Merx (I was picking dahlias for a nice bouquet for my dearly beloved), a disingenuous Arkuloid came from nowhere, attacked me from behind and grabbed my last health points. Well, the cloning tank brought me "back to life", but it's not always easy to live with the Imperium Machina, you know. "
Cassio P. (farmer clone on Merx)

When I saw the moving testimony of this farmer, I understood the need for surround sound combined with good localization of sound sources. With the combined powers of Wwise and of the Unreal Engine 4, you will ear the exact location of the naughty Arkuloid who just woke up nearby. When starting the game, Wwise automatically detects your sound configuration and adapts to offer you the best sound experience depending on your hardware. From stereo to 7.1, you can now explore the planets safely... Well, watch out for the Imperium Machina, you never know...
HyperOne Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-05-30
The stars are visible from sunrise to sunset
#30 2016-05-30
Cast Posts: 47 Registration: 2014-09-07 Popularity: 21
I honestly almost lost interest in this game but after looking at the new lighting and music I have regained my excitement for this game :).
#29 2016-05-15
eyefighter Posts: 311 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 185
la musique est franchement magnifique et apaisante.

le jeu final sera un chef d’œuvre. j’espère que le jeu sera en perpétuelle développement.
#28 2016-05-14
Wowman77 Posts: 46 Registration: 2014-04-21 Popularity: 52
Dang, I check back on the site every few days or so, and it seems like there's an update every time I come on! As a long time supporter, I am stoked to see this game make meaningful progress. From the story to the incredibly customization of weapons, classes, and vehicles, I eagerly anticipate Stellar Overloads final release.<3
#27 2016-05-13
Gaby Posts: 417 Registration: 2015-12-10 Popularity: 65
Oh que oui je le sens du bou de mes doigts, je sens la prochaine version...

C'est absolument incroyable ! J'espère que vous allez bientôt sortir une new sur les vehicules et animaux x)
#26 2016-05-13
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Foxxforever We have to wait the next release. That will be released on june if they have not too many problems.
We wait the next release since a long time ago :-p
#25 2016-05-13
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Dimitri Je pense plutôt que ce sont des dahlias
#24 2016-05-13
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@Vaalac sur une petite planète comme Merx, ça doit pas être difficile de le trouver :-p . Et vu le faible revenu moyen d'un fermier Merxien (si c'est le bon mot) il ne peut trouver refuge ou fuir de la planète sans l'aide d'une organisation animée par une idéologie contraire à celle de l'Imperium Machina.
Mais c'est impossible qu'une telle idée émerge d'un simple citoyen de Merx, il ne devrait même pas connaître l’existence d'une quelconque rébellion.
#23 2016-05-13
Vaalac Posts: 41 Registration: 2016-02-18 Popularity: -41926
Nous tenons à réagir aux allégations scandaleuses de Monsieur Cassio P.
Monsieur Cassio P prétend avoir été attaqué sans avertissement par, nous citons, "un vilain Arkuloïd".

Or les Arkuloïds (qui ne sont pas plus vilains que vous ou moi, surtout moi), sont des créatures pacifiques et paisibles ne blessant autrui que pour se défendre.

Monsieur Cassio P est donc soupçonné d'actes de violences gratuit envers cette créature paisible et sans défense, toute personne possédant des informations sur sa position actuelle se verra récompensée.

Ceci était un message officiel des Services de maintien de l'Ordre de l'Imperium Machina.
#22 2016-05-13
Dimitri Posts: 179 Registration: 2014-10-28 Popularity: 96
Hé ! il y a des nouvelles fleurs ! des pissenlit ! juste au premier plan :)

en tout cas continuer comme ça :)
#21 2016-05-13
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