Splat splat splat !

2016-04-04 Development
If like me you love pink, and think that the game is not pink enough, the new “paint bucket” feature is made for you.
It’s still in development, but it will enable you to replace an area of block of the same material with another material.

Look how to make the world more attractive!

Ok or maybe not... It’s the thought that counts!

Of course this tool has a limited area of effect (you can’t paint the whole planet in one shot!), it is yet to be optimized, and will be a real tool (for now it is a simple keyboard shortcut).
Dummhamer Posts: 21 Registration: 2014-04-24
it's f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fabulous!
#5 2016-04-06
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Oh yes I will do a pink, purple, kiwi-banana version of my monster truck ! :-D
#4 2016-04-05
Darky Posts: 39 Registration: 2014-04-21
More customization is always welcome :)
#3 2016-04-05
TwenFaryon Posts: 26 Registration: 2014-06-02
Excellent tool! Now we can live in a cotton candy wonderland, or replace the alien structures with dirt towers, Huzzah! Quick question though, will there be some way to replace the leaves on the tree easily? Like if all the leaves in the forest want to be bright purple, but I don't want to click on each individual leaf?
#2 2016-04-04
DaemonOverlord Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-07-20
An excellent and creative way to terraform barren wasteland planets into planets capable of harbouring life! :D I can't WAIT to play the final game :D
#1 2016-04-04
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