A new alpha before going on Steam

2016-06-03 General
After these last five month used to prepare the early access, we realized that a Steam release before summer was too optimistic.

Indeed, some features were much more complicated than anticipated, mostly the dungeons (and the dungeons' editor) and the vehicles.
These two features we started in January are gameplay challenges but also and above all technical challenges, because they are closely related to our blocks engine. We got tons of technical issues to overcome that eventually induced a mountain of work.

So, we will go on Steam after the summer, when we are ready. The goal being to bring the most polished product possible on Steam.

But, in a few days, we will be delivering another alpha version. This is not the Steam version yet, some content and improvements are still missing, but you will be able to test the new features.


In order to be able to give you the best possible gameplay, your feedback will be most welcome as always since the beginning of the project.
Snuffy Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-02
Great work guys and good group decision making.
#22 2016-06-10
Modified by Snuffy on 2016-06-10.
FoamCube Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-11-06

Look buddy, I agree with you,

If you remember the post was issued on 3th of June, day Friday.
We get the next post on the same subject on 8th of June, day Wednesday.

5 days so less than a week and inside the limits of a few.. of days.

#21 2016-06-08
N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22
I did, but that is not the definition of "few" xD
#20 2016-06-08
CodingMarmot Posts: 920 Registration: 2014-04-15
N1Ke, by any chance, did you play any Heroes of Might and Magic ?
#19 2016-06-08
Modified by CodingMarmot on 2016-06-08.
N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22

Sorry to tell you buddy, but seven days equals "a week", a few days is 3-6 at max.

We have:

A day (1 day)
A couple of days (2 days)
A few days (3-6 days)
A week (7 days)
#18 2016-06-08
Modified by N1KE on 2016-06-08.
FoamCube Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-11-06
It sais 'few days',
it means seven days.
#17 2016-06-08
N1KE Posts: 41 Registration: 2014-07-22
To be honest.. it has already been "a few days"
#16 2016-06-07
Bilbo1968 Posts: 7 Registration: 2015-10-03
When?? Please tell us
#15 2016-06-07
axemall Posts: 15 Registration: 2015-01-29 Popularity: 1
great news
#14 2016-06-06
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@N1KE I totally agree with you !
#13 2016-06-06
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