2016-03-02 Development
There have been some gameplay videos of Stellar Overload posted on Youtube, lately. It allowed us to appreciate how committed almost every player was about exterminating wild peacocks.

We heard this important request of yours. Soon, this wonderful tool will be at your disposal on most of the planets, and will get this great quest done for you¹, while you'll stay absolutely safe²!

¹ - In game only. If you'd like to hurt peacocks in real life, I strongly advise you to get medical assistance.
² - Safety is guaranteed in creative mode. In story mode, some unconfirmed reports let us believe there might be a slight confusion between players and peacocks, as far as turrets are concerned...

salehACE Posts: 183 Registration: 2014-07-18
Those turrets annihilated the peacocks!
Hope people in story mode can one day use them to defend their base from an army of robots!
#2 2016-03-02
Ghozgul Posts: 8 Registration: 2016-02-20
Bien cool, ça va être sympa de pouvoir défendre sa futur base comme ça =D Il manque plus que des ennemies qui rôdent. Une option pour défnir quoi attaquer sera possible ou ça attaquera tout ce qui passe dans son champ de vision ?
#1 2016-03-02
Modified by Ghozgul on 2016-03-02.
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