There is now a marketing expert in the team

2016-02-12 General
I am proud to introduce Matthias Boudier, alias Boo. He joined us as the marketing expert of the team. I was holding this position until now, although it's not among my skills.

Reymantha, Altalus, Boo, BlockBuster and Mick

You can find more information about "Boo" here:

We met 2 months ago by mere coincidence at a networking event planned by PRIMI (a local company cluster) at Cannes. We share a passion: video games!

Looking at his resume, I think we are lucky to work with him. And I trust this will be a good omen for the future of Stellar Overload!
Ancientgods Posts: 26 Registration: 2015-05-30 Popularity: 11
"I’ve been in charge of the Sierra brand worldwide (Half Life, Empire Earth, …), "

I loved Empire Earth! I am pretty sure you are more than capable if you have worked on such great games before!

Glad to have you join this amazing team of developers :)
#1 2016-02-12
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