The Cookie Wars

2016-02-16 Development
Statement by the propaganda chief of the Imperium Machina:
"Many human rebel agents failed in their attempt to sabotage the cookies manufacturing plant, which feeds the population of Merx. Fortunately, the brave legionaries of our glorious army reacted with courage and determination to restore the Pax Machina established by QuASAR, our benevolent and revered leader. However, following this small and inconsequential incident, we decided to close this old and dangerous factory in order to bring a better way to provide food to all the people of our Empire."

Statement by the leader of the rebels:
"This is Emerald Falcon speaking. Today, a handful of heroes conducted an operation on Merx to free the cookies manufacturing plant from the grip of the toasters. We will remember those who didn't return. But the operation is successful. And the inhabitants of this planet will no longer starve. We, the people, are retaking control of what is ours by right. To all, free yourself, fight the machines, join the resistance! "

Statement by the developper:
“So, I was working on the mob A.I. while nibbling a cookie, and that's how they ended up fighting each other. That's science!”
madsmtm Posts: 20 Registration: 2014-06-02 Popularity: 17
I can't wait for these fights!!!
#1 2016-02-16
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