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Dynamic and evolutive music

2016-02-03 Artistic
"Ch...ch...ch...ch...changes !" David Bowie

Big changes are coming on the musical side of the game. First of all, we're now officially using Wwise, from Audiokinetic. It's a powerful tool that'll give us the ability to push the music integration to another level.

Let me show you in this video how we can create dynamic and evolutive musics on our planets:

The first half of this video
concentrates on the differences between normal musics and underwater musics. When the player goes underwater, the instruments and rhythms change. Even some melodies change a bit ! But the two tracks share the same structure, so all the transitions are smooth.

It's the same system in the second half of the video with the day-night cycle. With these long musics (8 to 10 minutes each) and all these dynamic changes, the musics will never feel the same during our planetary explorations.

Next step : make the same thing for the day-night ambience.
Kevinken Posts: 1 Registration: 2015-05-09
This is such a nice feature. Can't wait for more :D
#9 2016-02-12
MartinB Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-08-25
Wow, I have been reading the updates since the beginning, this time I feel the urgent need to post how great this game looks and sounds! Thank you guys... A truly worthy Kickstarter investment...
#8 2016-02-12
Wonder B Posts: 16 Registration: 2015-01-23
@Talarean : Yes, it's achieved exactly the way you told it ! :) For the dusk/night variations, I don't think I'll have the time to do this. It would be fun, but not very usefull. So I'll concentrate on creating a lot more music, applying this system for each planet.
#7 2016-02-09
Talarean Posts: 67 Registration: 2014-06-04
Music is a very important part of a games experience for me. It's great that you are putting this amount of effort into the music.

Is this effect achieved by having multiple tracks per song that fade in and out as required? Also, will there be a dusk/night variation of the underwater theme, or am I being a little too pedantic?
#6 2016-02-06
TheKZ Posts: 10 Registration: 2015-03-30
Absolutely LOVE IT! :D
#5 2016-02-04
Cast Posts: 47 Registration: 2014-09-07 Popularity: 21
Can't wait :)
#4 2016-02-03
Modified by Cast on 2016-02-03.
DaemonOverlord Posts: 75 Registration: 2014-07-20
This is such an amazing update!!! :D I LOVE IT!!! :D
#3 2016-02-03
Gaminator Posts: 10 Registration: 2015-05-11
I love it ! You guys are doing such a great job. Keep it up, can't wait for the Beta version :)
#2 2016-02-03
Templar Posts: 100 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 39
That's so very nice! My only gripe would be that there doesn't appear to be any atmospheric scattering (pseudo or not), and so the sky transition from day to night doesn't look quite as spectacular as it could.
#1 2016-02-03
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