Discovering the Sol System

2015-12-21 General
While the holiday season is approaching, we decided to celebrate this end of year in our own way. As you may already know from the mass media, our playground will expand considerably.

Tellus, our blue planet, will no longer be alone in space. A whole planetary system with 7 planets and 2 satellites will be the new foundation of the Sol System.

And that is why, beginning January the 4th, we will introduce every week two new planets in a brand new section of our website. A great journey awaits you indeed, as you will follow the adventures of Watts, genius and descendant of Faradays, through the Sol System.


And as a bonus, we are starting today with the first entry of his logbook:

“My name is Watts. Yeah, no first name. It sucks, I know. Great way to start a logbook also... Whatever, I am currently conducting interesting research on Tellus, our good old blue planet. And I have discovered some fascinating facts.” Click for more...
TheMinecraft Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-11-13 Popularity: 0
Tellus (Latin language) means that English is the Earth. Your great job, looks good image other planets.

But, so the 4 - 28 January on the years 2016? Or every years?
#6 2015-12-22
Modified by TheMinecraft on 2015-12-31.
Seir Posts: 8 Registration: 2014-06-02
Awesome job guys, really enjoying watching this project grow and mature! So much fun.
#5 2015-12-21
Gaminator Posts: 10 Registration: 2015-05-11
Wow, didn't expect as much for a weekly update, you guys are awesome ! Keep up the good work like always, can't wait to see the other planets...
#4 2015-12-21
Scrythor Posts: 36 Registration: 2015-08-26
Yay, now I can look forward to each planet as they are revealed. Thank you for doing it this way.
#3 2015-12-21
Reznovic Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-06-02
Good work! Keep it up guys!
#2 2015-12-21
Ancientgods Posts: 26 Registration: 2015-05-30 Popularity: 11
I can't wait to see the other planets!

Oh and I would like to point out a little mistake in that post: Ressources is written with only 1 's' in english at the beginning :)
#1 2015-12-21
Modified by Ancientgods on 2015-12-21.
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